Israel-based ThinkCyber Launched in India

Investing 10 million USD in 3 years

Big Step Ahead in India’s Cybersecurity Landscape as India is the largest economy wherein, we have a younger workforce under the age of 35 years.

10 million jobs need to be filled in CyberSecurity Domain

Keeping economical risks at bay has always been the most fundamental approach for Indians. Now is the time to save our nation, by motivating young adults to dig deeper into the world of Cybersecurity.

New Delhi, 2022: ThinkCyber, a Tel Aviv-based Cybersecurity training, and solutions company is all set to make inroads in the Indian market. From Israel to India, ThinkCyber expands its commitment in providing a cutting-edge curriculum that is planned, created, and executed in accordance with industry standards. One of the greatest highlights of the same is its product which is to play a bigger role, providing knowledge and education with a fresh perspective on cybersecurity products.

ThinkCyber India will be leveraging in-house proprietary tools such as CYBERIUM™ High-End Simulator and SPECTO Technology™, believed to be the most advanced technology to take over the Cybersecurity scene in the near future.

Present on the launch, Ms. Anuradha Choudhary – Founder & CEO ThinkCyber India, said that, “India is a growing economy with younger workforce. With this we have growing burden of cyberattacks in the market today and students opting for CyberSecurity as a career are looking for a transition in career that makes them an Expert in the field. It was a pleasure for India and the Israel ThinkCyber team to dig deeper into the ends of accelerating soft skills towards the most advanced level concepts in the Domain. ThinCyber India’s Real time training programs will not only equip students with the knowledge but also would help them to become job-ready within a short span of time along with building confidence from starting with basic introductions to fundamental concepts of Linux, Python, Forensics, and more. The methodologies of this cyber training will leave the students as a certified Cyberologist™ by the end of the training program”.

Ms. Anuradha Choudhary – Founder & CEO ThinkCyber India further added that, “women especially those belonging to the tier 2 & tier 3 areas, are still lagging behind, even though they possess enough technological skills. It’s now time for us to help them get ahead in the game. With ThinkCyber India training, they can easily have access to learn from home and work from home all along, while they intend to manage their household chores. ThinkCyber India is on the run to establish special scholarships, internships, and job opportunities, especially for women learners”.

Mr. David Shiffman – ThinkCyber – CEO & Founder ThinkCyber Israel said, “it is a pure amalgamation of an enthusiastic individual who is willing to learn and what cybersecurity has to offer to them portrays a great skill set. Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving field if you stay consistent. ThinkCyber India is all set to help all the enthusiasts to become a Cyberologist™. It’s like we are coming together to fight all future wars, or World War 3. If you Think Cyber & Live Cyber, you can certainly become a Cyberologist™. Students, irrespective of their educational background, eligibility criteria/qualifications can enroll themselves and become a part of the Cyberium Arena learning environment which will set them apart from others, residing a benchmark for them to become the first-ever Cyberologist™”.

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