It’s time to make a Dazzling entrance into Dreamland and savour the Divine Nectar with Colorbar, with palettes priced at INR 799

Bengaluru, April 29, 2024 – Prepare to go beyond the ordinary and uncover your inner artist with the latest addition to Colorbar’s beauty ensemble – the Petite Eyeshadow Palettes. Each variant, priced at INR 799, comes with a spectrum of12 mesmerising shades, inviting you to embark on a magical journey, and craft the uniquely enchanting version of ‘you’. So, let your eyes do the talking, be it a touch of everyday shimmer or a bold, mesmerizing statement, and unleash your beauty power that is as divine as it is unforgettable!

Give 2024 a heavenly makeover with Divine Nectar – a spectrum of 12 nude colours ranging from lighter chic tones to deeper cacao. The shades are either super creamy mattes or light-catching metallic shimmers. Enter Dreamland and immerse in brilliant hues of pink! 12 shades that cover peach, sun-kissed roses and burning-hot pinks, some delicious mattes and other electric metallics. And finally look Dazzling – a palette of 12 tones that together make for an other-worldly rainbow. This one has magical yellows, neon oranges, emeralds and pixie blues to name a few. The tints are either velvety matte or high-metallic glimmers.

And guess what? These intensely pigmented hues blend so smoothly, that they create a dreamy canvas every time! Not only is their application a breeze with a texture that’s gentle on all skin types but there’s also the bonus of Colorbar’s clean-beauty promise. These palettes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, packaged in recyclable paper, as a commitment to care for you and the environment.

So, make sure to grab your dreamland in a box – the Petite Eyeshadow Palettes, available at Colorbar outlets nationwide and online at

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