Jaan Nissar Lone – Father of the Nation is a title from God himself

Knowledge of history gives us a chance to understand the mission of human civilization. BCMF took the initiative to hold the forum “Dialogue of Traditions and Generations” in New Delhi on November 30, 2023. This Conference has become a historic event of interaction between public leaders, cultural representatives, government and administrative workers together with spiritual authorities for the common good and future generations. A productive discussion about the spiritual and cultural potential of the BRICS and the future of the interstate alliance itself once again confirmed that at the present moment in history, dialogue is a kind of “lifeline”, one of the most effective tools for humanizing society. In 2023, India successfully chaired the G-20 format and once again proved to the whole world that this ancient country with the authentic name Bharat is a civilization of peace, harmony, enlightenment and spiritual dialogue. In 2024, Russia will chair the BRICS, which will meet for the first time in an updated, expanded format at the summit in Kazan. According to the BCMF founders, the invitation to the Dialogue of Traditions and Generations conference in Delhi of representatives of the Russian Federation, namely representatives of the Chechen Republic, gave the dialogue a deep, conceptual character at the level of understanding the ways of human civilization. Deputy Mayor of Grozny Abdulreshid, in his message to the conference participants, drew the attention of all experts and delegates that the life and spiritual path of the father of the Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi, as well as the life and spiritual path of the father of the Chechen nation, the first president of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov have much in common. Both of these recognized leaders sacrificed their own lives for the prosperity of future generations. In their understanding of the meaning of History and the will of God, both these leaders based their messages to the nation on the ideas of nonviolence, dialogue, awareness of the good of the nation as service to society, service to people and service to God. BCMF Global President Jaan Nissar Lone, in his response speech to the national leader of Russia Vladimir Putin and the national leader to the Head of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Ramzan Akhmatovich Kadyrov, stressed that today dialogue and the union of two countries, two civilizations of Russia and India is the core and driver of the development of such a unique and global institution as the BRICS alliance. According to Jaan Nissar Lone, interaction in the field of media, information, journalism, and culture is especially important today in the development of the BRICS alliance. Obviously, there is a need to create a media center and a BRICS television channel that could provide an opportunity for talented journalists and ethically charged representatives of secular culture to speak out on current topics of geopolitics, philanthropy, and social reforms. Following the results of the forum in Delhi, BCMF took the initiative to organize a summit “Dialogue of Traditions and Generations” in Grozny, where mayors of the capitals of the BRICS countries as well as ministers of culture of the BRICS countries will be invited, along with the invitation of youth leaders and spiritual authorities. The memorial complex named after the father of the Chechen nation, the first president of the Chechen Republic, Hero of Russia Akhmat-Khadji Kadyrov, may become the very site where the historical summit “Dialogue of Traditions and Generations” will take place in 2024.Today, the Chechen Republic occupies a flagship role as a successful, beautiful, interesting, and historically oriental entity of a resurgent Superpower. Having such a vivid and impressive renaissance experience can contribute to the emerging union of the BRICS countries. AKHMAT IS THE POWER! ALLAHU AKBAR!

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