JD Institute of Fashion Technology launches Corporate Campus in Siliguri on April 22, 2023

Rannvijay Singh to inaugurate the Siliguri corporate campus

National, April 2023 – On April 22, 2023, JD Institute of Fashion Technology will open a corporate campus in Siliguri, West Bengal, as a first step towards providing students in the Tier II with access to design education. For those interested in creative fields like fashion design, interior design, graphic design, fashion styling, garment manufacturing technology, pattern making technology, or event management, the campus will offer a variety of design-oriented courses. The corporate campus will be inaugurated by Mrs. Rupal Dalal, Managing Director of the JD Institute of Fashion Technology, and Rannvijay Singha, a well-known actor and television personality, at the Tradium Mall’s fourth floor, which is located in Don Bosco Colony in Siliguri, West Bengal, 734004 at 2:15 PM. Following that, a panel discussion will take place where they shall discuss celebrity fashion, fashion and millennials, and their perspectives on hype fashion.

At the Siliguri corporate campus, students will have the chance to earn a Bachelor of Vocation Degree in Interior Design and Fashion Design. The faculty at the institute consists of skilled and trained teachers that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from the industry to their teaching. JD Institute of Fashion Technology gives students the mentorship and assistance that will help them achieve success in their careers by giving them access to such experienced teachers in Siliguri. To disseminate design knowledge to the students on campus, the HOD and other senior teachers will travel to the Siliguri corporate campus. The institute is well-equipped with labs and resource centres for every subject in keeping with JD Institute’s commitment to providing education that prepares its students for the industry. Students will have access to cutting-edge resources and facilities at the corporate campus in Siliguri, including contemporary classrooms and labs, cutting-edge machinery and a comprehensive library of design resources.

The institute consistently implements measures to promote the holistic development of students. This is achieved by way of a series of ongoing courses and sessions that place an emphasis on self-assurance, time management, verbal and written communication skills, business etiquette, power dressing, and fine dining etiquette. In order to challenge the students to tackle real-world challenges, students will also be exposed to a variety of design-oriented workshops like sustainable practices in design industry, Quality control in design, Fashion & retail sector, Merchandising practices, Convertible garment industry, Textile industry; seminars, and exhibitions organized by eminent experts of the industry. Through cooperation and partnerships, the Institute will offer students the chance to get job experience through internships and other placements. The participation of design students in outreach or community service projects is also encouraged by the institute. This enables students to use their design expertise for the greater good and develop a feeling of social responsibility.

Talking about the new campus, Mr. Harsh Dalal, Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology said “JD Institute of Fashion Technology’s corporate campus in Siliguri places a strong emphasis on inclusion and accessibility in education. These principles are in line with providing great education to students in regions like Siliguri. I believe that the Siliguri City has the potential to develop into a major education hub for design education for the city and its surrounding regions. We hope to raise the profile of the region by providing top-notch design education, drawing professionals and students from all across India and beyond. Additionally, the Institute might be able to generate a new generation of knowledgeable professionals from these regions, boosting the local economy and the expansion & development of the region.”

Mrs. Rupal Dalal, Managing Director for JD Institute of Fashion Technology added “In order to give students access to similar facilities and resources as those in Tier I towns, we are trying to construct more regional campuses in Tier II. These will include cutting-edge labs, studios, knowledgeable teachers, a thorough curriculum, workshops, and seminars led by business experts. JD Institute will continue to develop centers for creativity and design thinking by encouraging innovation and creativity in these areas.”

Discussing the academic development of the students, Ms. Akshra Dalal, Director of JD Institute of Fashion Technology stated that ‘We are expecting the students to actively participate in various design competitions, PETA design competitions, Social cause activities like tree plantation drives, design painting for a cause, craft cluster programs for the artisans which challenges the students to solve real-world problems using design thinking. ”

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