JIC Group of Companies announced Indian Cricketer Sanju Samson as their Global Ambassador

The signing of Sanju Samson is observed to open new market heights for JIC in India and leading business nations.

Making new heights in GCC and major Asian countries through innovative services, Jobin International Company has taken a leap with their brand by signing the Indian Cricketer Sanju Samson as their brand-new Global Ambassador. The joining of the Indian Cricketer is perceived to prepend a new chapter to the journey of JIC by presenting the company to a wide community outside the business circles.

Jobin International had been making headlines over the last years through innovative changes in the industry and remoulding nations for the future. The conglomerate has been making impacts in Kuwait, India and major GCC countries through fundamental sectors and innovative action plans. This wide recognition of the group throughout the major Asian countries seems to be an advantage in the signing of the young cricketer Sanju Samson. JIC’s future visions to incept their ascendancy in European and American markets are observed to be widely acknowledged because of the presence of Sanju since the residing percentage of Indians stand to be a major proportion in the respective continents.

Even if the initiation of the company happened over a decade ago, the supremacy JIC attains among India and GCC countries in a short span of time is remarkable. Unlike other business establishments, it is observed that the JIC approach a project with a determined vision and mission strategies making them dominant in the sector. This unique characteristic has been recognised in their latest projects in Kuwait and India. As a result, the JIC group of companies is a major part of the 2035 Vision of Kuwait, one of the most observed strategies by a nation for a sustainable future. The sectors established by JIC played a key role in acquiring a superior part of Kuwait Vision 2035. Construction, Human Resources, Cinemas, Media, IT, Travel, and Tourism are the major sectors on which JIC exerts its expertise.

For attaining the construction sector, JIC initiated BlueRays Contracting Company, which offers its proficiency in Kuwait’s major construction Projects such as Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 and Sabah Al Ahmad Villa Projects. Human Resources are acquired through Job In Arabia and Job In International Human Resources Development, where the company successfully created abundant job opportunities. With innovative strategies, JIC incepted its travel and tourism sector through Fly World Tours and Travels, taking global tourism to the fingertips of everyone. JIC IT Solutions stands to be the technological partner for the company, taking its platform to digital media. JIC Media and Cinemas are the latest establishments from the group, where the company aims to enhance the entertainment sectors through a creative and

artistic approach.

As per the latest information, JIC is currently focusing on Digital Platforms and Entertainment media through JIC IT Solutions, JIC Media, and JIC Cinemas. By purchasing the Disney Franchise for Kuwait, JIC made a significant approach towards the media industry, being one of the few companies from India to achieve such an acclamation. JIC is focusing on building a platform for cine artists and since Sanju Samson displays a major admiration among a wide range of youngsters from both sports and cinema industry, his presence will be beneficial for JIC to promote their vision. The perspective on Sanju also speculates JIC’s interest in the Sports industry since business giants consider Sports for quick growth and recognition.

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