Jindal Stainless and Social Panga Release an Emotional and Relatable Mother’s Day Film

Jindal Stainless and Social Panga come together to release a heartwarming campaign this Mother’s Day

The film narrates the importance of a mother and how she teaches us everything but doesn’t teach us how to live without her

Mumbai/Bangalore, 09th May, 2023: In honour of the most important person in our lives, our Mother, Jindal Stainless along with integrated creative and digital agency Social Panga has launched a digital campaign this International Mother’s Day. The campaign highlights how our lives tend to make more sense when our moms are around.

The digital film features a young professional living away from home and the ‘struggle’ he faces as he tirelessly tries to bring a balance between his professional goals and the need to lead a healthy life. The endless cycle of lying to assure your mom and her eyebrows arched as she catches you in the lie is what makes the movie so close to the heart of many young professionals living away from their homes and families.

The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RScPMUmh69A

The simple narration is a story of mothers teaching us everything but how to live without her. The campaign further takes us to one moment when the protagonist gets caught in a lie and the mother instantly understands the child’s agony and surprises him by coming with home cooked food at his doorstep.

Head of Corporate Communications, Jindal Stainless, Sonal Singh, said, “This campaign is dedicated to the backbone of our homes, the true heroes whose selfless love and sacrifices for their children knows no bounds – our mothers. Though the campaign storyline connects a mother’s unconditional love to home-cooked food, the connection between a mother and child is far more universal and deeper. We hope the campaign rekindles our gratitude towards our mothers.”

Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder of Social Panga, says “The idea that ‘when a child moves away from their home for the first time, they often face the initial struggle of making it on their own’ is everyone’s story. Our aim was to encapsulate that feeling with the selfless love of our mothers, so the audience can find their own story within this movie. As a corporate brand, Jindal Stainless itself has thousands of employees living outside their homes, and thus, the movie brings the point home in the sense of the employees finding the advertising efforts of their employer, relatable.”

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