Kapture CX takes on travel space, Set to Capture 15% of Industry Revenue in FY23

Kapture will have 20% of clients (users) with a projection of recording 15% revenue from travel space by the end of FY23

India, April 2023: Kapture – a renowned SaaS-based Customer Experience platform that deeply focuses on customer support and enables personal customer interactions is fast becoming a game-changer in the travel space with its robust CX platform. Travel companies will contribute to 20% of the company’s overall client portfolio with 15% of revenue estimated from the travel industry players in FY23.

The travel industry is rapidly growing with a plethora of technologies available at the customers’ disposal. From booking flights, hotels to everything required for a traveller’s itinerary, traveltech is revolutionising the way customers plan their travel. With a dramatic increase of customers turning to new-age travel platforms, maintaining consistent communication and support for the customer across their travel journey becomes imperative.

Kapture enables travel businesses to resolve customer queries coming from aggregators, social media, email, call, chat or website with ease and speed. Kapture’s help desk platform comes with AI/ML backed Intelligent self-service capabilities that will cut the support wait times in airlines, cruise businesses from hours to just a few seconds.

Commenting on the need to prioritise CX in travel space, Sheshgiri Kamath – Co-Founder and CEO of Kapture CX, said, “Loyalty and repeat customers are key for the growth of the travel sector. As travellers are turning tech-savvy and demanding, building an impeccable customer experience becomes imperative. Kapture as a standalone platform offers quick resolutions and customer support with the same swiftness, making a travel platform easily accessible with minimal turnaround time.”

Kapture CX is an all-in-one stop that help travel agencies or players manage multiple interactions from various communication points to respond to phone calls, emails, chats, social media, and other social channels on a unified dashboard.

The integration of Kapture embedded with AI helps travel stakeholders in prioritizing support tickets, customized FAQs for passengers basis the type of ticket, travel itinerary, automating ticket booking or checking in and handling a large volume of support tickets during the crisis.

The platform boasts a customer profiling and segmentation tool that lets the travel platforms collect and segregate all prospect interactions on a single platform. This enables them to understand and profile their customers for a more real experience.

Today’s modern travellers are tech-savvy and demanding as they seek incredible ease in booking their travel. When it comes to customer service, they want to use channels of their choice to get their issues resolved quickly, fairly, and with minimal hassle. The integration of Kapture allows travel agencies to meet these expectations while increasing their customer satisfaction and earning themselves a loyal customer base.

Kapture also features a scalable and enterprise-customizable Service Cloud for end-to-end customer service management enabling service teams. It has a unified dashboard with 100+ ready-to-use APIs to provide an omnichannel solution for service with a facility of 500+ reporting formats.

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