Karma Lakelands: A bountiful land of dreams and responsibility

Karma Lakelands is a luxury golf resort spread over a sprawling 235-acres. A luxurious resort with picturesque locales, 9-hole golf course and several indoor, outdoor activities to partake in. Breath taking villas, multi cuisine diners, pool, beautiful flora, fauna and lakes along with a strong sense of responsibility about mindful consumption, this resort ticks all the boxes for today’s traveller and seeker.

It’s a kilometre long drive till you reach the porch. Lush bushes of bougainvillea greet you. You inhale deeper, for its calmer, cleaner in here! If luxurious resorts across the world had hearts, this one will shine as one of pure gold. The ideology behind Karma Lakelands is not just about providing the most rejuvenating experience to the guests, it’s also about helping the environment in the process. It is a zero-waste resort that is self-sustaining, bio diverse and follows several eco initiatives and is enabling nature to flourish in the estate.

Food at Karma is an experience in itself. A huge area of the resort is used for farming. The productive lands of Karma support the resort and residents with several vegetables, herbs, wheat. Organic methods of farming are ensured by the skilled horticulture team. The produce can be availed by the residents of the estate and also used in the kitchens that serve delectable multi cuisine grub. Result: freshest grub at the three fine dining restaurants – all day diner On Kourse, Pizza Bay with a stunning alfresco setting, LIVE grills and music and LAKE360 as the name suggests by the lake offering stunning view and glorious sunsets along with delectable food.

It is also a popular wedding destination having hosted several HNIs and celebrity weddings in its beautiful landscapes. The resort has an eclectic inventory of indigenously designed villas and cottages. The villas have a private backyard, vast terraces and spacious room and stunning views, Karma being a tree top destination.

With luxury, beauty, services on point, Karma Lakelands is an innovative eco sustainable destination, where environmental sustainability and luxury are a single value proposition. Firmly practicing a zero-waste policy while making eco bricks and composting it strives to bring an ecological balance. Karma practices nature friendly initiatives and conservation programmes that support and promote sustainable living. As a resort it is committed to minimise its carbon footprint and execute the initiatives and actions to reduce the use of energy and water, while avoiding the use of plastic.

“Sustainability is imperative to maintain the quality and diversity of life on Earth. We are aware about climate change and are mindful while using the planet’s resources. Therefore, we practice rain water harvesting across the entire campus. Not only do we recycle the water at the resort, we even source waste water from nearby localities which is treated and then utilized for irrigation of the entire estate,” says CEO Ashwani Khurana.

“We also take care of the fragile environment by executing waste segregation, it promotes the dry waste to be recycled and the wet waste for composting. We have created eco huts with our plastic waste and used it to build shelters for animals and residents who may wish to relax,” he adds.

Life at Karma is an indigenous example for meaningful and sustainable existence. The estate offers luxurious villas, where dozens of live. The community of Karma has a lot more to offer for those who are willing to choose this life of natural abundance, bird songs, bountiful views and more.

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