Knorr Announces Revolutionary Campaign: Vegetables Take Center Stage in Gaming!

India, April 11th, 2024 – In a groundbreaking move to revolutionize the gaming world, Knorr, the global food brand renowned for its commitment to enhancing culinary experiences, is launching an unprecedented campaign to champion the power of vegetables in gaming. Fueled by a fervent desire to rectify the disparity between virtual and real-life nutrition, Knorr is embarking on a mission to elevate veggies to their rightful place as gaming MVPs.

And Knorr is determined to flip the script and #ModTheVeg to bring equilibrium to gaming sustenance.

In a startling revelation, Knorr’s research has uncovered the stark contrast between the gaming powers of meat and veggies across top titles. In Fortnite, for instance, meat grants a substantial +15HP boost, while cabbage lags with only +10HP. Similarly, in Minecraft, the discrepancy is evident as cooked steak refills a whopping four hunger bars, while a humble carrot barely manages two. Skyrim’s gaming dynamics also showcase this bias, with boar meat providing a substantial +12HP, whereas a leek merely offers +1HP. Even in ARK Survival Evolved, the trend persists, with cooked meat offering a significant +20 hunger and +8HP boost, while corn grants only a hunger boost without any additional health benefits. These findings highlight the urgent need for a gaming revolution to bring veggies on par with their meaty counterparts.

“At Knorr, we’re passionate about making good food accessible to all, and that includes the virtual world,” said, Chintan Dholakia, General Manager, Unilever. “Our mission is simple: to ensure that veggies receive the recognition they deserve in gaming. It’s time for a gaming revolution, and we’re leading the charge.”

Knorr is joining forces with the modding community to craft veg-powered mods for popular games, including Fortnite, Minecraft, Skyrim, and GTA V. These mods will inject a burst of flavour into the virtual realm, transforming gameplay into a delectable culinary quest where veggies reign supreme.

To participate in this gaming revolution, players are encouraged to engage with the veg-powered mods and sign a petition urging gaming publishers to prioritize vegetables in their games. Together, gamers can level up and usher in a new era where veggies take centre stage in the gaming universe.

Join Knorr in championing veggies and making gaming a more inclusive and nutritious experience for all.

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