Know about D-voters and their voting rights through DNA Explainer’s detailed analysis

The DNA Explainer series by DNA India plays a crucial role in demystifying complex jargon, making it accessible to the general public. One significant topic that the series has shed light on involves the plight and legal standing of ‘doubtful voters’ or D-voters in Assam. This explainer not only boosts public knowledge but also enables vital discussions on citizenship and rights.

· The Term ‘D-voters’: Introduced during the update of Assam’s National Register of Citizens (NRC), ‘D-voters’ or ‘doubtful voters’ are not specifically defined in the Citizenship Act of 1955. The Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2003 allows marking individuals as doubtful on electoral rolls pending verification.

· Legal Framework: The DNA Explainer series explains the laws affecting D-voters, particularly how the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2003 impacts their rights and status.

· Verification Process: Local Registrars are empowered to label individuals as D-voters. These individuals can challenge their status within 90 days before a Taluk or Sub-district Registrar, who reviews the evidence and decides on their citizenship status.

· Educational Role of DNA Explainer: The series educates the public about the legal rights and procedures for contesting D-voter status, thus clarifying complex legal processes.

· Impact on Rights: Being designated as a D-voter suspends a person’s voting rights and eligibility to contest in elections until their citizenship status is resolved. If declared foreign nationals, they may face severe consequences, including possible deportation.

Through its detailed and insightful DNA Explainer series, DNA India significantly contributes to a more informed public discourse, empowering citizens with the knowledge to actively engage and advocate for their rights within a democratic framework.

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