*Know Why Actress Urvashi Rautela Is Extremely Keen On Meeting Tollywood Superstar Brother’s Pawan Kalyan And Chiranjeevi’s Mother Anjana Devi?*

Urvashi Rautela who is soaring heights in the tollywood industry by giving back-to-back major hits, the actress who has worked with Tollywood’s superstars Chiranjeevi Garu and Pawan Kalyan, in a recent interview opened up about her biggest desire.

Urvashi who is intrigued by the extraordinary talents of the two brothers, Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi Garu, recently in an interview revealed her desire to meet their mother and delve into the secret behind raising two supremely talented individuals. In a light-hearted manner, the actress expressed her curiosity about the pregnancy journey that led to the birth of these iconic personalities.

Urvashi couldn’t help but express her awe for Chiranjeevi Garu and Pawan Kalyan, whom she described as individuals she absolutely loves. The actress, who had the opportunity to work with both actors, revealed the burning question in her mind: How did their mother give birth to two iconic figures?

Urvashi reflected her genuine admiration for the brothers, and she shared her thoughts with a touch of humor, saying, “They both are someone whom I absolutely love. They are brothers, and the only question that I had in my mind was how can [she] give birth to two iconic people. I want to meet their mother. I want to ask her how is it possible, like usually when we have children like 3-4, only one will be supremely talented. I want to meet their mother and want to know what all she had and what she ate during her pregnancy (said with laughter).”


Urvashi expressed that their upbringing serves as a great source of inspiration for her. The way they carry themselves and connect with people resonates deeply with Urvashi, prompting her to ponder about the elements that shaped their characters. Nevertheless, she hopes that this wish of hers will be fulfilled shortly.

As fans, we can only hope that Urvashi’s wish comes true, leading to an intriguing conversation that might unveil the secrets behind the birth and upbringing of these two iconic figures in the world of cinema.

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