Korean artist show interest to work with Bollywood

Would Love to make song at Taj Mahal: K-Pop Artists

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of establishment of the Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI), the centre organized ‘Rang De Korea’, the two days Korean Cultural Fest in Delhi.

The performances by South Korean Pop girl group ‘Bug-Aboo’ and boy group ‘Kingdom’ at the festival made K-pop fans crazy.

Dann from Kingdom said that they were overwhelmed with love received by Indian fans, although they could not understand the language but the love, innocence and purity were felt through their gestures. They also said if supported by Indian government, they would like to make a song at Taj Mahal, giving a Fusion touch with Indian music. Given a proposal, they would love to work with Indian Artists. Talking about favourite Indian Artists, they said Amir Khan’ 3Idot and Sharhukh Khans ‘My name is Khan’ is very famous in Korea. The band loves Indian food, Biriani, Chicken Curry Chicken Tikka are some of their regular course in Korea too.

Choyeon from Girl group BugAboo said they had seen India through Indian movies, being here for first time is exciting. The love received from Indian K- Pop fan was beyond expectations. Language barries surpassed as we were able to connect heart to heart. She added after tasting Indian curry, she wants to explore more of Indian curries

The Hanbok fashion show was part of Rang De Korea. It was organized with the aim to introduce and promote the Korean identity which is rooted in the cultural dress, said Samuel Chung, vice president of the Korean Culture Promotion Association.

Hanbok defines Korean identity deeply and it is the first thing that comes to mind firstly when we talk about Korean culture. Like there is sari to India, it is Hanbok to South Korea, said Chung, who designed and directed the fashion show in India along with his team from Korea. ”In terms of colours too, India and Korea are very similar. In Korea, there are five preferred colours which are called ‘obangsaek’ (white, black, blue, yellow and red). ”If I get another chance to visit India, I plan to incorporate these similarities between the two countries in a fashion show in the future,” Chung added.

The festival started with traditional Korean Music Samulnori and Haegeum performance, which was followed by the first ever Korean traditional wedding ceremony taking place in India on such a grand stage. Two couples got selected through a preliminary event, today, Indian Couple Vishal Gupta and Jyoti Gupta tied their knot in traditional Korean style in the presence of their family and friends. Korea and India both having the same values put a lot of meaning and importance to this gracious occasion, its customs, ceremonies, traditions, and celebration. This special event was a mirror of Korean culture, reflecting traditional music, dances, and etiquettes.

There was energetic Taekwondo performance by K-Tigers who are globalizing Taekwondo (Korean Traditional Martial Arts & Sports) through well-made performances and demonstrations.

Then came the ‘ID’ Korean fusion music band that combined the traditional Korean music with the rhythm and modes of the Western music. It made the audience tap their toes on their beats.

The festival also saw huge participation in traditional Korean game experience like jegichagi, yut , tuho, marbles, dalgonal which had many similarity with Indian games played at childhood. Visitors also enjoyed ‘Squid Game’ which took the participation at another level.

The festival was inaugurated by Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to India H.E. Chang Jae-bok and chief guest Shri Kumar Tuhin Director General, ICCR.

H.E. Chang Jae-bok while welcoming the ‘friends of Korea’ said, the journey of Korean Culture Centre over the past 10 years in popularizing Korean culture in India has been truly momentous. Thanks to its dedication and efforts, Indian people, particularly youth who are better aware of Korea and its multi-hued culture. Today, from music to movies, fashion to food, Indian youths have begun loving everything Korean. He also acknowledged the support of Indian partners and the Government of India without whose active cooperation, the cultural centre would not have crossed this significant milestone. We look forward to your continued support.

He also appreciated artists, performers and other cultural personalities who played important role in this journey.

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