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Portuguese learning should be open, engaging, and effective. The unique culture of the Portuguese tongue brings with it many fascinating quirks to enjoy. And, when you start to learn Portuguese online, you’ll see that you can get all three—openness, fun, and success—at a lower price than local tutors. You won’t have to sacrifice quality or flexibility in the process, and you may even see why some studies suggest that using technology is best for picking up Portuguese.

In a recent study from IEEE, researchers discovered that a truly structured and technologically-integrated approach to language learning improved outcomes. Those learning Portuguese through technology had a better performance on tests overall. The study suggests that choosing an online tutor in a virtual classroom environment can be a great choice for your future fluency.

When you realize this, you’ll see that traditional settings may not be as open or effective as you may have hoped. Schools and in-person tutors often lack the affordability to be open to all students, the excitement and personality to make learning fun, and the efficiency that online settings bring to the whole concept of easy Portuguese learning. Instead, the Portuguese classroom is filled with competing students who are bored with generic responses and lessons. Online tutors are the way out.

You’ll be surprised how simple and convenient private tutoring can be when you use the platform Eurekly.com—an incredible resource for instant and scheduled tutoring in a growing number of subjects.


Some people believe that private tutoring is too expensive. And, they’re right when it comes to in-person learning from local tutors. Unfortunately, local tutors have their reasons for charging students more. In part, they have limited hours and need to make the most of their time. Or they may not have access to many students to support their education-based income.

Universities and schools are not much better. Tuition and fees can seem extreme for many people who simply want to add to their skills without spending a fortune. It can be really off-putting to many eager students to see what traditional school environments charge without giving you personalized attention, flexibility, or unlimited access.

Eurekly.com is a new resource for those who want to learn Portuguese in an accessible and open way. Instead of making private tutors unattainable, Eurekly offers lessons as low as $10 per session. Students can also take advantage of free trial sessions and low fees for instant sessions if they just want to take the platform and talent for a spin.

You’ll see that you can access world-class education in Portuguese without making sacrifices. And, your tutor will invite you to learn in a personable and exciting way.


Finding the perfect tutor will set you up for success in eventually speaking, reading, and writing Portuguese. Their lessons will give you individual feedback and go at your pace, so you never feel lost as you might in a classroom. Instead of trying to get a small sliver of attention from a busy professor or in-person tutor, you’ll enjoy the full attention that speedy, effective learning demands.

When students have options and choices, they feel empowered and engaged to learn. Eurekly offers all kinds of tutoring levels, formats, prices, and schedules to suit any student of Portuguese who wants to learn. You call the shots, and so you’re more engaged in the outcome of lessons.

Because tutors can keep up with you and appeal to you personally, online Portuguese tutors spell success for most students. Additionally, they also come equipped with tools for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in the virtual classroom.


Learning with your Eurekly.com Portuguese tutor is powered by advanced virtual classroom technology with every feature you might expect. Scientists and researchers continue to discover the value of such tools in teaching outcomes, and they often see technology as an aide to the modern student—speeding up comprehension and increasing fluency in languages.

You’ll enjoy the experience of sessions through the helpful ability to share screens, take notes, record audio, read files, and attach worksheets. This technology is available in every Eurekly session, and the outcome is a simple and effective immersion in the language—all from the comfort of your home.

Don’t waste time with ineffective teaching that relies on practices dating back to the beginning of university education. Rather, choose an advanced platform to use in your quest to speak Portuguese with finesse!

Choose Portuguese Tutoring With Eurekly!

Expert tutors and their students connect through Eurekly’s smart platform for finding tutors and delivering lessons. It was built with the principles of open education, deep engagement, and measurable progress.

Explore Eurekly and see how it gives students at any level a chance to learn from the best Portuguese tutors online.

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