Leg Pain Is A Common Symptom Of Varicose Veins : Doctor

Delhi: Currently, the cases of varicose veins are rising at a rapid rate owing to factors such as a sedentary lifestyle, family history, obesity, and age. Having unbearable leg pain can indicate varicose veins. It is the need of the hour to consult the doctor without any delay and seek timely intervention.

Varicose veins happen when one’s veins tend to swell or become painful. They are twisting veins that are commonly seen on the legs, and feet as the valves in the vein fail to function properly. Varicose veins are blue or dark purple in color and can be embarrassing for many. Varicose veins can also result in poor self-esteem. The risk of varicose veins is age, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, family history, tobacco consumption, and standing or sitting for a longer time can lead to this discomforting problem. Swollen feet and ankles, burning and throbbing sensation in one’s leg, heaviness, and cramps in the legs will indicate varicose veins. Apart from that, leg pain is also one of the main symptoms of this condition that needs timely intervention.

Dr Jaisom Chopra, Vascular surgeon, Apollo Spectra Delhi said, “Legs may be painful, achy or sore, mainly behind the knees and one can even experience muscle cramps. This can lead to discomfort and one will be unable to do his/her daily activities with ease. There can be redness and leg pain due to the clotting of blood owing to this painful condition. So, one with varicose veins should elevate his/her legs, wear compression stockings, and do physical activity in order to manage this condition. Apart from these things, one can also recommend endovenous thermal ablation or laser surgery to shrink and close the varicose veins and the blood will easily flow to the other veins that are nearby. Sclerotherapy wherein a solution is directly injected into one’s veins. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is done by generating heat through radiofrequency (RF). The heat passes through the vein with the help of a catheter to close off the blood flow in the varicose vein. The treating doctor will determine the right kind of procedure for the patient. Do not neglect this condition at all and ensure you are able to get rid of varicose veins.”

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