“LegalKart” Amps Up its Product Offerings; Launches Video Consultation and Document Review

The newly launched video call service is gaining traction with more than 35% users opting for video calls with a document review every month.

– With document review, a client can get a detailed understanding of any legal document with a consultation to make an informed decision.

India, 10/05/2022 – LegalKart, a trusted name in the Indian Legal-Tech Space has now launched instant Video Consultations and Document Review Features on its website Legalkart.com for customers who are seeking legal advice.

LegalKart is a technology-driven company and through its proprietary AI-based technology it has developed a solution which enables customers seeking legal advice, to consult Lawyers regarding their legal matters effortlessly and confidentially sitting at the comfort of their home. Earlier the service was only limited to audio-based consultation, however, aiming at better quality and user experience, LegalKart has launched a convenient and much faster video call feature.

The startup has built the video call technology in-house, which ensures superior quality of call and provides a smoother user experience to the clients. Through this new feature, anyone can opt for video consultations anytime with a validity of 30 days of purchased talk time minutes. The pricing for both audio and video call is same with packages starting at Rs 599 for 15 minutes of consultation.

In addition to this, the startup has also launched an instant legal document review feature parallel to the video calls functionality.. For the first time in the Legal industry, customers can get complex legal documents reviewed from an expert lawyer even if it’s just as single page. Clients can discuss any legal document be it a single page or multiple paged document on a video call with an experienced lawyer who can help them navigate the document and enable them in pursuing a further course of action.

Commenting on this new feature, Dr. Arvind Singhatiya, Founder and CEO, LegalKart said, “The newly launched video call and document review feature is gaining traction among the users with more than 35% of them opting for a video call and adding a document to consult. He further added, “After recent funding from IIM Udaipur and Mumbai Angels, we are committed to building a global ecosystem of legal products and services and democratizing them for the end-user.”

LegalKart is an instant legal consultation platform and SaaS product for Lawyers to manage their legal practice. The company has already served more than 1 lakh consumers and has over 10,000 lawyers on its platform across more than 900 locations including multiple cities, districts and remote regions in India.

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