Lemonn launched its first brand campaign, ‘Hiring CEOs’

~The Innovative Campaign Puts the Spotlight on Informed Investing for First-Time Investors~

India, 24th April 2024: PeepalCo’s latest offering, the stock investing platform Lemonn, has rolled out its inaugural campaign aimed at first-time investors. The campaign underscores Lemonn’s dedication to empower investors to make informed and prudent investing choices.

Emphasizing the daunting nature of the investment journey for new investors, the campaign revolves around the theme of ‘hiring the right CEO,’ equating the right CEO with the right stock choice. The brand aims to communicate that purchasing a stock means acquiring a small stake in the organization. Therefore, conducting thorough research is imperative, hence urging investors to refrain from being influenced solely by marketing ploys.

Talking about the campaign, Devam Sardana, Business Head, Lemonn said, “The essence of this campaign is to arm investors with the tools to make calculated and informed choices. We believe that high-performing companies often operate quietly; their CEOs focus on solid execution rather than hype. To identify such companies, investors need a tool like Lemonn, that can simplify discovery and decision-making without the unnecessary noise”

The campaign was rolled out in phases to amplify visibility and support the app launch.

Phase 1: Before the app launch

A unique approach involved posting classified ads in prominent newspapers and a deceptive LinkedIn post advertising CEO job opening. The job description overtly detailed the unsuitable attributes for the role, catching immediate attention. Moreover, omission of the brand name heightened curiosity among LinkedIn users and influencers, leading to engaging conversations as individuals sought to unveil the narrative behind these intriguing ads.

Phase 2: On the day of the app launch

A series of brand films were unveiled in collaboration with Clink Films, emphasizing the significance of taking informed investment decisions. The film underscored the importance of educating oneself to discern the preferred stocks for investment, rather than being swayed by superficial promises made by companies.

Both phases captured the interest of prominent figures on LinkedIn, X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit across industries. A lighthearted social media post attracted significant attention, prompting interactions with renowned brands such as IKEA, Dominos, and Cleartrip.

The classified ads and LinkedIn job posting generated 300 applications from senior CXOs in the country. These outcomes underscore the campaign’s triumph in enhancing the new app’s visibility and eliciting organic engagement from established influencers. The campaign achieved a total reach of 130 million across all platforms, solidifying its impact.

Lemonn aims to broaden India’s financial participation by onboarding a new wave of investors. The campaign effectively conveys the message that selecting the stocks should be a decision based on factors beyond a company’s social image, marketing campaigns, or leadership profile.

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