Lieper Publication and author Asha Ponnachan elated with the success of her book, ‘The Moon at my Window

In less than two weeks, Asha Ponnachan’s book ‘The Moon at my Window’ has gained tremendous momentum growing the sales in leaps and bounds.

“I had indeed hoped that my book would do well, and I am amazed at the popularity this book has gained, as well as the recognition it has gifted me”, says Asha.

Published on 08th March, her book has been bought worldwide. The paperback is also in high demand which certainly is an accomplishment in this digital age. The element of surprise is not in the high sales or the popularity of the book and the author but in the short period over which these events have unfolded. It has been a little over a week since the book was published and in these few days, the immense traction earned is definitely applause worthy.

“We are delighted with the results so far and expect the future to shine brighter for Asha and her journey with us”, Faheem Bhat, CEO of Lieper Publication.

Along with the book, the author has also gained fame both nationally and globally. A writer exuding depth and substance through her work, Asha Ponnachan’s success as a writer is well deserved.

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