Look gorgeous with exquisite Mehndi designs

A traditional art that has successfullyestablished its prominence in modern India and across the globe as well, mehndi can easily fulfill your desire to look your best on important days of your life such as your wedding day or the wedding of your family members or friends. Mehndi can also be applied on specific days such as festivals or any other day when you may feel the need for it. You can also take up mehndi designas a hobby.

There are so many options that if you start to think about it, you may have to spend several days to choose the right mehandi design. The type of mehndi design will depend on the occasion and your own personal preferences. You may want to evaluate your bodily features and your skin tone to determine the mehndi design that will be most suitable for you.

Bridal mehndi design is one of the most popular across the country. There are some regional variations, but overall, bridal mehandi design is characterized by extensive use of flowers, patterns, motifs, and curves. The mehndi lines are very fine and the designs are very intricate.These usually cover the entire stretch of your hands below the elbow and most parts below the knee. If you choose the bridal mehndi design in combination with your bridal wear, it can really make you stand out on your engagement/wedding day.

Another mehndi design that has gained popularity is Arabic mehndi design. The distinguishing feature of Arabic mehndi design is its decorative outlines, as opposed to filled patterns that are the norm in Indian mehndi design. With its dense outlines that include a wide variety of shapes and curves as well as leaves, flowers and vines, Arabic mehndi design is much simpler. This mehndi design is most suitable for slightly plumpish people and those with fair complexion. Arabic mehndi design suits all occasions, as it is easier and quicker to apply.

Since everyone wants their mehandi design to be unique, several other forms of design are also being experimented such as Indo-Arabic mehndi design, Moroccan mehndi design, glitter mehndi design, and multi-colored mehandi design. Each of these hasits own special qualities, so you may have to scan through these to choose the best mehndi design. Another trend is that people are developing their own mehandi design and showcasing these to the world via social networking.

If you are looking for mehndi design, you can create your own design, hire a professional, or use a design posted online by mehndi enthusiasts. The end goal is to look your best, so which route you take really doesn’t matter, as long as you get the best mehandi design for that special day you have been waiting all your life.

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