Mahindra is Gearing Up for Increased Demand for its Rotavator Range in Punjab and Haryana this Kharif Season

Chandigarh, June 10, 2024: Mahindra Farm Equipment Sector, the world’s largest tractor manufacturer by volume, is gearing up to meet the increased demand for its range of rotavators, with the expectation of higher production of rice and wheat in the upcoming Kharif season. After the successful debut of Mahindra’s Rotavators in the light segment last year, the company will cater to the rapid farm mechanisation in Punjab and Haryana.

Designed and developed at Mahindra’s R&D centres in India, Mahindra’s comprehensive range of rotovators includes products in the heavy-to-light segment and is compatible with tractors ranging from 15 to 70 hp. The range includes the heavy segment (Mahavator Series and Mahavator HD (Heavy Duty) Series, the medium segment (Supervator Series), the light segment (Gyrovator Series and Paddyvator Series), and the Minivator series for small tractor owners and orchard farmers.

To ensure suitability and reliability, Mahindra Rotavators are trouble free and tested in different field conditions, for optimum performance. Highly durable Mahindra Boroblades guarantees soil churning in wetland, dryland, vineyards and orchards. This results in best preparation of seedbeds for transplanting and better weed and residue management for healthy plant growth. Multiple gear combinations ensures faster turnaround and greater fuel efficiency. The range also boasts superior quality paint which is resistant to harsh weather conditions.

Mahindra’s rotavators are sold through Mahindra’s tractor dealer network and exclusive distributors in Punjab and Haryana, with Mahindra Finance providing convenient and attractive loan schemes of 100% depending on the variant.

For a farmers’ peace of mind, Mahindra’s rotavators are offered with a best-in-class manufacturer warranty ranging 1 to 2 years, compared to a 6-month warranty from other manufacturers.

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