Making sense of the toned vs. full fat milk debate

A couple of decades back, packaged foods were just starting to appear on the shelves of grocery stores. As compared to present times, these were still few in numbers and most staple foods still came in large gunny bags. However, times have changed, and now there seems to be an explosion of processed foods, as can be seen from the rows and rows of shelves in big shopping malls.

Milk has also undergone drastic changes, from the time it was delivered to households by the local milkman to the present day when several different options are available such as healthy double toned milk, best full cream milk, cheese, cheese spread, yogurt, curd, paneer, buttermilk, butter, etc. Gone are the days when the only choices were cow milk and buffalo milk; the dairy industry now supplies a wide variety of products to suit varied tastes and lifestyles.

In recent times, the health benefits of milk have become a hot topic of discussion. There are research studies that have come up with contradictory findings, something that has created a lot of confusion among consumers. One such topic often discussed is whether to go for best full cream milk or healthy double toned milk. Different experts have different opinions about the topic and findings of research studies have also been a mixed bag. However, it is possible that we can deduce the pros and cons based on our experiences and available data.

What we can do is scan the nutritional information provided on milk packs. For example, if we look at double toned milk nutrition, we can see that the only major difference is in the amount of fat content. In simple terms, we can deduce that healthy double toned milk has less fat as compared to best full cream milk. However, the story does not end there because not all fat is bad, as has been revealed in recent research studies. You have to make a decision based on your lifestyle and preferably, on the recommendations of your doctor. In general terms, a healthy person can choose either of the two, or better still, go for a mixed diet of toned milk and full fat milk.

Another factor is that toned milk is lighter on the stomach. So, if you work in an office environment, you should probably go for double toned milk nutrition. On the other hand, if you are actively involved in sporting activities, fitness regimes, or any other physical activity, you will need good amounts of fats and proteins, which can be supplied with full cream milk. Similarly, you can make other calculations based on your lifestyle.

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