Managing OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT EXPENSES is now made Easy with Health Insurance

It is a misnomer that Health Insurance only covers Hospitalization Expenses. Today, Health Insurance covers costs incurred for doctor visits, medical check-ups, diagnosis of diseases and illnesses, prescription drugs, etc. These are costs which are often overlooked but which can take a substantial toll on people’s finances. Such expenses are widely known as OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT (OPD) EXPENSES.

There are only a few Health Insurance plans that offer coverage for outpatient department expenses. In a country like India, where out-of-pocket expenses in health care are high, people need to consider investing in Health Insurance that takes care of OPD expenses. These expenses are required and if these are not covered under the Health Insurance Plan, they get accumulated and can become a significant financial burden. But with a health insurance plan with OPD coverage, people do not have to worry as it covers all such expenses.

Some health insurance plans allow exclusive and comprehensive coverage against OPD expenses, while some other policies provide this feature along with other regular coverage. Choosing the best plan is crucial and it is purely based on people’s health needs.

OPD expenses are inevitable for people with chronic health conditions as they require regular medical attention and check-ups. For instance, people who have diabetes or blood pressure need to undergo routine health check-ups to keep their body vitals stable. The same is the case for women when they are pregnant or delivered a baby as they need regular medical attention. Many people need to refill their prescription drugs regularly and such expenses could become a huge burden over the long run.

As the awareness about health and well-being increases, many people are coming forward to undergo regular health check-ups to keep their health on track. However, there are still people who are left out of medical check-ups or doctor consultations because of the question of affordability. OPD Health Insurance in this aspect helps people to access quality health care and make equitable access to health care a reality.

OUTPATIENT DEPARTMENT EXPENSES can be opted for either as an individual health insurance plan or a family health insurance plan. The coverage includes doctor consultations, medical/health check-ups, diagnoses of diseases, physiotherapy, prescription drugs, etc. Before opting for a suitable plan, it is critical to check the coverage and limits. One important thing to note is that many Health Insurance plans cover outpatient expenses incurred only at Network Hospitals. Hence it is essential to choose an insurance company that has a wide network of hospitals so people can access quality health care easily. Star Health Insurance is once such company.

Health Insurance with OPD coverage is a must-needed tool to manage outpatient department expenses without any worries. Based on their needs, people can choose either a standalone OPD policy or opt for OPD cover as an add-on in the existing policy (if the policy allows). To effectively manage OPD expenses Star Health Insurance offers a comprehensive plan named Star Out Patient Care Insurance Policy that takes care of OPD expenses including doctor consultation, physiotherapy, dental and ophthalmic treatments. If you do not have health insurance yet, it is the right time to invest in one.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Co. Ltd. is India’s first and the leading standalone health insurance company with business interests in Health, Personal Accident and Overseas Travel Insurance. Star Health has been providing innovative health insurance products to individuals, families and corporates. It has 835 branch offices spread across twenty-five states and 5 union territories in India.

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