Mark Tami

Mark Tami is a British politician belonging to Welsh Labour Party. He is a Member of Parliament (MP) from the constituency of Alyn and Deeside, which was created in 1983. The Welsh Labour Party is part of the Labour Party in Wales that has emerged as the largest political party in the context of current-day Welsh politics. Since the creation of Alyn and Deeside constituency, it has been won continuously by Labour Party. From 1983 to 2001, the constituency was won by Barry Jones, a British Labour Party politician. From 2001 onwards, the constituency has been won continuously by Mark Tami.

In percentage terms, the best performance for Mark Tami was in 2001 elections. He had received a 52.3% vote share, which was significantly more than 26.35% received by his nearest rival Mark Isherwood of Conservative Party. In the following elections, vote share of Mark Tami has consistently fluctuated. The lowest was in 2010 election, when his vote share dropped to 39.6%. The closest fight was in 2019 general election when Mark Tami won by a very slender margin of just 213 votes. He received 42.5% vote share, whereas his nearest rival Sanjoy Sen of Conservative Party received 42.0% votes. This was the closest fight ever for Mark Tami in his political career till date.

Early life and education

Mark Tami was born in Enfield, which is located in north London. He was born on October 03, 1962. He had studied at Enfield Grammar School. Later, he took up history from the University of Wales, Swansea. Tami married Sally Daniels in 1994. They have two children. The family currently resides in Llanfynydd, a local village. Prior to his political career, Tami used to work at the amalgamated Electrical Engineers Union. He had served there as the head of policy. Working in close cooperation with union officials, Tami had played a key role in getting additional projects for the Broughton Airbus plant. He had also served as a member of the TUC General Council.

Political career

Mark Tami has held various official positions over the years. Some of these include member of various committees such as Committee of Selection, Palace of Westminster (Joint Committee), Administration Committee, Speaker’s Advisory Committee on Works of Art, Crossrail Bill Committee, Human Rights (Joint Committee), Tax Law Rewrite Bills (Joint Committee), and Northern Ireland Affairs Committee. He has also been Opposition Whip (Commons) and Assistant Whip (HM Treasury).

Tami is currently a member of Finance Committee (Commons), Selection Committee, Administration Committee, and Draft Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill Committee. Other positions held include Opposition Pairing Whip (Commons) and Chair of the All-party parliamentary group on Stem Cell Transplantation.

Personal pursuits

Mark Tami remains committed to the welfare of people in Alyn and Deeside.

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