Mastering the Art of Brand-Building: WION Trailblazers’ Expert Panel Reveals the Keys to Success

WION Trailblazers, a unique conversational show – A WION and DMA initiative, featured top leaders from various industries sharing their insights at the heart of WION’s headquarters. The episode showcased a panel of esteemed brand leaders, including Prashant Tandon (Founder, Tata 1mg), Sumeet Singh (Chief Marketing Officer, InfoEdge), Parikshit Choudhury (Chief Business Officer, MakeMyTrip), Gaurav Mehta (Chief Marketing Officer, Noise), Eiti Singhal (Chief Marketing Officer, VEGA), and Sai Narayan (Chief Marketing Officer,, engaging in a conversation with host Jasper Reid.

The show delved into the art of brand-building, creating compelling brand stories, and most importantly, gaining consumer trust. Key highlights are as follows:

· Prashant Tandon, the founder of Tata 1mg, shared his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of trust as the foundation of a patient-centric healthcare ecosystem. He highlighted that trust goes beyond marketing campaigns, as every interaction should communicate the brand’s commitment to patients.

· Sumeet Singh, CMO of InfoEdge, discussed his unexpected transition to marketing and the importance of customer-centricity. He emphasized the significance of understanding consumer behavior and engaging with both retained and non-retained customers to improve the brand’s offerings continually.

· Parikshit Choudhury, CBO of MakeMyTrip, discussed their strategies in adapting to challenges, such as the travel industry’s transformation during the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer connections and how they kept consumers informed.

· Gaurav Mehta, CMO of Noise, discussed the brand’s journey in the wearable technology space. He shared insights into the impact of fitness and health on the younger generation, emphasizing the need to offer real value through their products.

· Eiti Singhal, CMO of VEGA, discussed about the evolving media landscape and their approach to digital marketing. She highlighted the importance of creating engaging content, focusing on entertainment, education, and empathy, and how Vega grooming talks empower consumers by providing education and product knowledge.

· Sai Narayan, CMO of, discussed the challenges of marketing in the insurance industry and the importance of educating consumers about insurance. He emphasized the brand’s commitment to breaking through consumer inertia and highlighted their unconventional communication approach.

‘WION Trailblazers’, showcased how these brand leaders tackle challenges and engage consumers through trust, education, and authentic content.

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