Medulance Healthcare sets up Ambulance Station at Panchsheel Park in South Delhi

Residents, especially the elderly, will benefit from round-the-clock paramedic support and medical attention in case of health emergencies

NEW DELHI / October 17, 2022: Emergency Medical Response Service Provider Medulance Healthcare has established an Ambulance Station at Panchsheel Park in New Delhi to provide residents round-the-clock paramedic support and medical attention in case of health emergencies. A well-equipped Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance at the Station will offer immediate medical aid to patients, even as expert paramedics keep them stabilized during the transit to the hospital.

The Ambulance Station was inaugurated by Dr. Lalit Mohan Nath, Ex-Director, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, who is also a resident of the locality and an active member of the Panchsheel Park Society, the local residential body which governs the welfare of the community.

Highlighting the importance of easily accessible ambulance and paramedic services in a locality that is home to hundreds of elderly residents, Dr. Lalit Mohan Nath said: “Ambulances are essential life-savers in residential areas where many elderly people reside, as they tend to fall ill now and then, and a medical emergency can hit anytime without notice. If the response time of receiving medical aid is reduced, it drastically improves health outcomes of patients. I would like to commend and appreciate the Medulance team for providing this much-needed Ambulance Station at Panchsheel Park.”

Pranav Bajaj, Co-Founder, Medulance Healthcare, said: “At Medulance, we use tools such as geo-location, pro-filtration of smartphones and digitization of medical records to reduce our response time, while providing reliable emergency care to patients. With the help of geo-location and our network of ambulances, we’ve been able to dispatch the closest possible ambulance to the patient, drastically reducing the time of commute to the hospital. The idea behind setting up an Ambulance Station at Panchsheel Park is to secure the elderly residents and provide first-point medical attention in case of any emergency to all residents of the society . All our ambulances are equipped with the latest medical devices and well-trained paramedical staff. We plan to station our ambulances in more such localities in various cities and strengthen the healthcare system of our country and make sure that Emergency response is available to the residents in the shortest time possible.”

Added Himangshu Rai Vaish, Managing Director, Insta Power Limited, and President of the Panchsheel Park Society and Club: “We have many senior citizens as residents of Panchsheel Park, some of whom are nearing the age of 100 years. Hence, the accessibility of a faster ambulance service and prompt medical care is vital. The ambulance is deployed 24/7 in the colony’s club where many residents come for their daily exercises. This will help ensure that first-point medical attention is provided in case of any mishap. We are grateful to Medulance Healthcare for setting up an ambulance station in the area, providing confidence to thousands of residents that expert medical care is right next door and they can be transported quickly to a hospital any time of the day or night.”

Medulance Healthcare recently launched a 5G- Smart connected ambulance in association with Reliance Jio, the country’s biggest telecom operator. The vehicle is equipped with cameras and smart devices that allow real-time, two-way audio and video communication, high-definition footage transmission, ambulance location tracking, and real-time streaming of patient health data to a distant doctor over the high-speed 5G network. This helps in alerting the nearest hospital and staff to better manage the patient on arrival and save critical time. Medulance Healthcare ambulance connected with high speed 5G aims to revolutionize the landscape of emergency healthcare in rural India by connecting a smart ambulance to a hospital, almost anywhere in the country.

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