Meet Bihar’s leading Author and Motivational Speaker Dr. Abhishek Srivastav

1. In Bihar people aspire for government services. Especially, 90 % of youth of Bihar dream of government services. How have you decided to become an Author and Motivational Speaker?
The plight and predicament of my life has inspired me to become an Author and Motivational Speaker. I was the most underrated and abused boy in my teens. I had been suffering from lethal suicidal thoughts. I pulled myself out of that traumatic time and helped myself fight the bitter winds. I developed the resilience and lifted my spirits. That’s the point I decided to help as many people as I can through my personal experiences and learning of life. And today I am impacting people’s lives in the form of an Inspirational Speaker and a thought-provoking author.

2. You have authored 2 books in just 2 years. What do you have say about it?
Look, let me speak frankly that it’s not just about 2 years. It’s about my experiences and understanding of life. It’s about my failings and sufferings of life. It’s about constant learning and research for over a decade. You know − I have read over 500 books; conducted more than 100 interviews of leading educators of India, undergone more than 50 trainings and taken plenty of seminars so far. Actually, both my books are the outcome of my years of sweat and determination. My first book ‘Wisdom of Excellence-Live by Triumph not Tragedy’ is published by Prabhat Publication, New Delhi. My second book ‘You are Unstoppable-Unleash the Laws of Success’ is published by Gurucool Publishing, Hyderabad. You can get my books on Amazon.

3. What message do you want to give to the youth of India?
I just want to say− The youth of India must realize their true potential. They have tremendous strength and talent. All they need to do is unleash the power within. Just break the shackle, create miracle and you will be unstoppable!

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