Meet Sharon Winslet, a new star in the making in the modelling and entertainment world

She is an absolute stunner who has amazed people with her talents as a model and actor .

Isn’t it quite surreal to know and learn about all those people who work with the aim to not just achieve their desired success but also become an inspiration for other budding talents in the world? The world is filled with people who are dreamers, but how many of times do these dreamers make enough efforts to reach their desired goals and success in life? Well, different industries so far have welcomed different talents; the entertainment and modelling world both have so far produced some of the greatest talents. Making her name in the same is one such beautiful young girl, who has totally spellbound people with her sharp looks, personality and skills; she is Sharon Winslet.

From the very beginning, if anything that ever attracted Sharon Winslet the most, it was to step foot into the entertainment space and carve her unique niche both as a model and as an actor. With her strong resolve and her commitment to make it huge in the industry, she began preparing and working upon her herself. Sharon Winslet highlights, “People must always work with a determined mind and soul as that helps them face any number of challenges and keeps motivating them to excel in their chosen industries.” Her determination and passion helped her thrive in the industry and how. People have gone crazy looking at her radiant personality and the kind of honest performances she gives on the ramp as well on screen. This young Indian talent was born and raised in Delhi. She completed BCom for her interest in accountancy. However, her keen interest in modelling at the age of 16 led her to become ‘Miss Teen Delhi’.

Soon, Sharon Winslet got a call from ‘Miss Maxim’, where they honoured her by the title ’Brain Crasher’. Since then, she has never looked back. Sharon Winslet also was called by ‘Ford Supermodel’ and was crowned ‘Miss Personality’. She has walked for India Runway Fashion Week as a show opener and on FDCI as a show stopper. As an actor, Sharon Winslet did two Tamil and Telugu films as a lead with actor Jai Akash. She also did two Punjabi music albums as a lead, one with the renowned T-Series named Sardari with Punjabi singer Kamal Grewal and the second with Times Music named Lumba Jumba.

Apart from her love for acting, Sharon Winslet says that she loves travelling, and sports, specifically basketball and knows shooting as well. Her future plans are to step foot into Hollywood and create staggering success as an artist. To know more, follow her on Instagram @sharonnwinslet

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