Menstrupedia review

The topic of menstruation has always been a taboo among major sections of the society. While a number of social groups have been trying to eradicate the stigma associated with menstruation, the overall success of their efforts has been limited. The problem may have been with the approach, something that is set to change with Menstrupedia – the friendly guide to periods, aimed at helping girls and women to stay healthy and active during their periods.

Menstrupedia is bound to succeed in its mission since it utilizes a novel approach of presenting information and spreading awareness in an entertaining manner. The target audience is more receptive to such type of content, which is a fun way to learn about the topic of menstruation. For example, Menstrupedia features an interesting and entertaining ‘comic book’ to help young girls learn about menstruation in a fun way. Comic books have always attracted the young, and using it as a medium to spread awareness on the topic of menstruation is a novel and effective technique.

Menstrupedia has several other resources that users can access to learn more about menstruation. There’s a ‘quick guide’ section, which has loads of information on topics related to puberty, menstruation, personal hygiene, and myths associated with menstruation. Each guidebook provides detailed information about a specific subject, well represented through diagrams and pictures, which makes it easy to understand and remember.

Another great feature is the ‘ask’ section, which is basically a community forum for users to seek answers to their questions as well as to share their personal experiences. Users can browse or search through the existing set of questions or post an entirely new question. This is a great way to interact, get answers and spread awareness about menstruation.

There are several other online resources that talk about menstruation, but the unique approach utilized by Menstrupedia makes it a clear winner. Have a look yourself to gain in-depth knowledge about menstruation, to know the dynamic team associated with Menstrupedia, and to get answers to your question and share your experiences.

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