Michael Bennet

Michael Bennet is an American politician who has been serving as Senator from Colorado since January 2009. He was elected to a full term in 2010 and re-elected in 2016. A member of Democratic Party, Michael Bennet is also a lawyer and businessman. He became a senator from Colorado after his predecessor Ken Salazar was appointed as the Secretary of the Interior.

Prior to his political stint, Bennet had taken up various roles such as Superintendent of Denver Public Schools, chief of staff to Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, and managing director for the Anschutz Investment Company. Bennet was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019, but has made a complete recovery after surgery and does not require any further treatment. Bennet is one of the Democrats who is running for 2020 Presidential elections in United States.

Early life and education

Bennet was born on November 28, 1964 to Susanne Christine and Douglas J. Bennet. He completed his Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University with major in history. Later he joined Yale Law School from where he got his J.D. degree. At Yale, Bennet had worked as the Editor-in-Chief of Yale Law Journal. Bennet married Susan Diane Daggett on October 26, 1997.

Political career

Bennet had early exposure to the world of politics, as both his father and grandfather had worked in this domain. While his father had worked under President Jimmy Carter and later with Clinton Administration, his grandfather had served as an economic advisor at the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In 2010, Bennet was elected as the Senator from Colorado after defeating Republican candidate Ken Buck. It was a close fight with Bennet receiving 851,590 votes (48.1%) whereas his rival getting 822,731 (46.4%). It was also an expensive election, as combined expenses of both candidates were reported to be around $15 million. Bennet had the backing of influential political leaders including President Obama.

In 2016, Bennet won by 156,248 votes after defeating Republican nominee Darryl Glenn. This was a significant win for Bennet, as he had got the highest number of votes as a Democrat in the history of Colorado. Following his win in 2016, Obama had said that Bennet is a gifted politician and could lead the Democratic Party in coming years.

Future political outlook

Bennet remains committed to resolving a range of issues affecting his state and the country. He has openly spoken on various topics such as woes of dairy farmers, gun law, LGBT issues, healthcare, cannabis use, immigration policy, etc. On CBS, Bennet had publicly stated that he will be running for the President.He has already started his campaign for 2020 Presidential elections.

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