Milk – A cultural unifier

Full cream milk and milk products are widely used across India without any restrictions imposed by any specific group, culture or religion. As such, milk can be called as a cultural unifier, even though its overall effects may remain unquantifiable. Here are some examples that often motivate people to bridge the cultural and religious divide and relish the great taste of food items made from the best full cream milk and milk products.

The humble chai(tea) – You will find this everywhere, at the station, bus stand, colleges, government office, corporate building, temple, mosque, gurdwara, church, almost everywhere. Chai can be prepared from healthy double toned milk as well as the best full cream milk. It quickly boosts your energy levels and costs just around 5 to 10 bucks. Research has shown that chai has antioxidants that help clean up the harmful free radicals present in your body.

Khoya/mawa recipes – Diwali would not feel so great without the scrumptious taste of delectable delights made from khoya/mawa. Different types of Khoyabarfi and homemade items such as sweet gujiya have become an inseparable part of Diwali celebrations. Derived from the best full cream milk, khoya/mawa is loaded with essential fats and proteins that not only taste awesome, but also provide a wide range of health benefits. However, since sugar can be a problem, it is recommended that you limit the quantity of sugar, or use alternatives such as sucralose.

Eidseviyan – This heavenly delight is prepared during Eid celebrations and is savored cross-culturally. Sweet seviyan is prepared using sugar, seviyan, condensed milk, and the best full cream milk. For extra flavoring, many people also add cardamom powder, dry fruits, and saffron strands. Just one spoonful of this mouthwatering meal will instantly make you fall in love with it.

Lassi and GajarHalwa – Punjabis as well as everyone else appears to gorge on these super tasty food items prepared from the best full cream milk and milk products. Due to their great taste, lassi and gajarhalwa are now available across the globe. While lassi is made primarily from tasty dahi (yogurt), gajarhalwa is made primarily using carrots, full cream milk, khoya/mawa, and ghee.

Cheesecake – This is one of the most commonly prepared recipes during Christmas. Cheesecake tastes super yummy and is liked by most people. One of the main ingredients is cheese, which is derived from the best full cream milk. It is easy to prepare and its rich, creamy taste is loved by all.

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