Monsoon Styling Tips For Men And Women

 By Divya Aggarwal, Co-Founder KZ07 

The days of long gloomy hours followed by a cool, gentle breeze are here. In simple words, the rainy season is back which means, one may get to revamp their wardrobes. Get onboard the sporty athleisure trend for ease and comfort. Wondering how to take your wardrobe for a spin with some inspiration? Ahead are a few suggestions that will amp-up your style game:

  1. Casual Is The Best Bet- 

During Monsoons, avoid going overboard. You can enhance your casual game by having some fun with style. Choose comfort and ease while going out.  So, while the rain does its magic, curl up in your favorite pair of joggers and sip a hot cup of beverage.

  1. T-shirts Can Never Go Wrong- 
    Invest in a few basic t-shirts that you can wear from bed to work with ease. Keeps you  on the go in the humid.  The advantage of basic t-shirts is that you can pair them with denim shirts anytime and your look changes entirely.
  2. Play With Colors- 
    Monday blues are legit, so pick poppy colors, floral prints that bring out the playful personality of yours. These not only look trendy but can also brighten up an otherwise gloomy rainy day. Color therapy at its best, we say.
  3. Opt For Loose Outfits- 
    Try and choose baggy outfits so that they don’t irk you when wet. Body hugging clothes tend to tighten even more, resulting in rashes or allergies. Keeps you chill, cool and relaxed for long whether it’s  a work day or a stay in bed all day.
  4. Choose The Correct Fabric- 

Lighter, yet stronger, fabrics are what people need to opt for. The ideal fabric in monsoon is cotton. It keeps you ventilated as it is a magnificent material for the humid weather. Linen, mulmul, light-weight silk are also some breathable fabrics during monsoons.

As we all know, every season has its own nature and kind. So, here are a few tips for an easy monsoon. Suggest you to upgrade your wardrobes a notch this monsoon.

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