More than 13 lakhs Doctors Stand United in Support of the Prevention of Doctors Assault Bill by MedscapeIndia

In an unprecedented response, over 13-15 lakhs doctors across the nation have rallied together to support the proposed “The Prevention & Assault on Doctors Bill 2023”. This groundbreaking legislation aims to protect medical professionals from verbal and physical attacks, ensuring a safe and secure work environment for those who dedicate their lives to saving others.

For the 1st time in history the entire medical fraternity has come forward for their safety appeal to the government. The “The Prevention & Assault on Doctors Bill 2023” has been prepared, presented & proposed. The issue related to Assault & solutions given in the bill long term issue could be solved which was in fragment, without serious concern for the medical community is addressed in bill. It’s a grave issue for the nation to address most elite, vulnerable & important assets of India who have been ignored completely. MedscapeIndia-AMET have taken serious step to support their medical fraternity on it to eradicate heinous act towards the doctors “The Prevention & Assault on Doctors Bill 2023” Targets Health Tribunal was presented at the most prestigious venue of India at Vigyan Bhavan on the eve of doctor’s day & attended by 21 medical specialties, Cabinet ministers, Governor of Sikkim, CM of Goa & doctors from different specialties across country & who expressed their support.

The bill has got the overwhelming support of astounding more than 13.25 lakhs doctors within a week from various specialties includes Radiologist, Cardiologist, Psychiatrist, Dental, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Pathologist, Ophthalmologist, Surgeons, Neurologist, Nephrologist, Physicians, Gynaecologists, Dermatologist, Orthopaedics, Pediatrician, Oncologist, Physiotherapist, Anaesthesiologist, Gastroenterologist, includes a prominent Medical associations like the IRIA, AIOS, IMA, IAP, NIMA, AMWI, NIHMPA, AIAC, AMC, FAMC, IAPS, KEDA & various medical cells across country have supported. MedscapeIndia being an umbrella body of 21 medical associations & councils since 2011 medical fraternity will have the support from more than 2 crores people from different walks of life’s all across the nation which includes celebrity, corporate, different organizations, citizens & many more who believe medical fraternity is backbone of Indian healthcare.

Medical professionals play a crucial role in society, working tirelessly to provide vital healthcare services. However, they often face immense stress and pressure, leading to burnout and mental health issues. The alarming rise in violent incidents against doctors has only exacerbated these challenges, forcing many medical professionals to live in fear and jeopardizing the quality of patient care.

By rallying behind the Prevention of Doctors Assault Bill, the medical community is sending a resolute message that violence against doctors is unacceptable and will no longer be tolerated. The overwhelming support from over 13.25 lakhs doctors demonstrates a united front and a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of healthcare professionals.

The proposed bill includes provisions such as increased security at healthcare facilities, the formation of special law health tribunal courts to handle cases of doctor assault, and stricter penalties for offenders. It also emphasizes the importance of creating awareness among the general public about the legal consequences of assaulting doctors with zero tolerance.

Dr Balchandra Karaiaapa, a prominent surgeon from Tamil Nadu expressed his support for the bill, saying, “As doctors, we have dedicated our lives to serving others and saving lives. The rise in physical and verbal attacks against doctors not only poses a threat to our safety but also hampers our ability to deliver quality healthcare. This bill is a crucial step towards institutionalizing protection for doctors and ensuring a safe working environment for the entire medical fraternity.”

The support of over 13.25 lakhs doctors for the Prevention of Doctors Assault Bill underscores the urgent need to address this pressing issue and provide a safer working environment for medical professionals. The release of this statement commemorates a landmark moment in the history of the medical community, as unity and commitment take center stage in safeguarding the invaluable work of doctors throughout the nation.

From Discourse to Action “The safety of the savior should be the highest law” – Marcus Tulius Cicero

Bill addressed Structural Issues,

Salient Features of the Bill:

❖ Structural Remedies

1. Provides implementable curative provisions with speedy and efficient dispute resolution system for small scale and large-scale issues

2. Grievance Redressal Mechanism

3. The Health Tribunal which will include Medico-legal expert to protect the healthcare system from false frivolous heinous Harassment of doctors nurses clinic and hospitals, from the cruel cone police , goons prosecution press and public, for extortion, once the health Tribunal comes in force with the stronger laws to punish and protect doctors & Citizens both, Since nobleness and affordability is killed it requires restructuring, Until convicted, No doctor will face any Harassment by the local police ,prosecution ,press and public, once the health Tribunal exist . Only solution to save the medical profession is health Tribunal and strict law implication

4. Health care disputes can be classified into four major types, known as treatment disputes, medical grievance disputes, unfair medical practices disputes and recognition of facts disputes

5. Comprehensive and customized structural changes for diverse types of medical facilities as per their capabilities

❖ Behavioural Remedies

1. The education of Doctors on Smart Doc Approach

2. Awareness generation of zero tolerance to Doctor assault and presence of grievance redressal cell Colour Coded rating system

3. Guidelines for media Personnel conduct

❖ Behavioural Issues

1. Inadequate Training and Awareness Programs for Doctors

2. Inadequate Grievance Redressal Mechanisms

3. Lack of Reporting Procedures for Doctor Harassment in Hospitals and Clinics

4. Lack of Respectful Behaviour from Patients and Relatives

5. Insufficient Compliance with Instructions by Patients and Relatives

6. Limited Accountability for Misconduct on the Part of Patients and Relatives

❖ Harnessing Technology

1. Universal Health app for India – Utilizing Technology for Safety: Embracing innovative solutions to alleviate doctor assault.

2. Strengthening Security Measures: Using technology to enhance safety in hospitals and clinics.

PREVENTION OF ASSAULT ON DOCTORS by Radiologist, Dr Sunita Dube, founder MedscapeIndia-AMET said “it’s a powerful change. Doctors themselves have come together and appealed to the Government to take immediate action. We doctors have full faith in the ability of Honourable PM, Shri Narendra Modi ji. We doctors saw how the government came up with many gadgets, law, rules regulations etc. during pandemic- covid 2019. Within days the scenario was changed to benefit the masses. Similarly, the most crucial issue of Indian doctors continues- assault on doctors. Huge number i.e. 1.4 billion Population provided Healthcare by a small number of doctors shouldn’t be ignored.”

I request our PM to please see the severe gravity and criticality of the urgency of this proposed Bill for its fructification into an Act through Parliamentary procedures. This will be a huge positive act for the wellbeing of the entire population and also highlight the government’s serious concerns for its fellow citizens. Adds Dr Dube.

Bill has been given to Honourable Prime minister, President of India, Union Health Minister, MOS Health Minister requested support from Minister who addressed Doctors Day program which include defence minister of India, MSME Minister, GOA CM, Sikkim Governor, transport minister

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