Motovolt on a mission to Transform Lives of 10,000 delivery riders Through E-Mobility in 2024

The highly impactful initiative has already improved the financial and physical health of over 1000 e-commerce delivery partners through a collaborative approach

Kolkata, 27th February 2024: Motovolt Mobility Pvt. Ltd, is on a mission to transform the lives of e-com delivery partners through its e-mobility solutions. Leveraging the path-breaking HUM e-bikes, the company is working in tandem with delivery riders for various e-commerce platforms, especially those relying on conventional bicycles to make the deliveries. Over 5000 delivery executives have been using HUM across the country.

To celebrate the landmark of more than 250 such riders in Kolkata who have crossed 10,000 km of ride using HUM, the company recently hosted a celebratory programme which saw participation from over 200 delivery partners. The company also announced the launch of Club10k. The members of this club will enjoy exclusive benefits from the company like superior service, better price offers, etc.

E-commerce delivery partners endure challenging lives, working long hours from early morning to late at night. Peddling bicycles throughout the day takes a toll, leaving many riders exhausted. However, stopping means decreased earnings, adding to the mental health strain amid quick delivery timelines. Motovolt addresses these concerns by providing safer, more comfortable electric vehicles. The HUM e-bicycles are not only easy on the body but also more affordable than electric scooters, making them a practical choice for delivery partners. This allows for increased deliveries without the physical exertion of pedalling, improving both efficiency and well-being.

Speaking about this, Tushar Choudhary, Founder & CEO, Motovolt Mobility, said, “We are on a mission to constantly innovate and create a product that empowers the delivery partner community. Our aim is to transform the lives of 10,000 delivery riders by collaborating with them under the programme by the end of 2024. The Humsafar celebration is a great testimony to the synergy and positive impact that can be created when innovative companies like Motovolt forge collaborative partnerships with end-users. It gives me great pride to see so many of these hardworking people consider Motovolt HUM e-bikes as their ‘friend for life.’ We will keep doing our best to make sure that this network of friends grows continuously.”

At the Humsafar event, delivery partners celebrated the positive shift brought by Motovolt’s transition to electric bicycles. They shared stories of earning more in fewer hours, expressing joy over the comfort of HUM bikes that alleviated body aches and fatigue. The electric mobility transformation has not only made their work more efficient but also brought happiness to their families, enabling more quality time, increased earnings, and a more vibrant post-work demeanour. Motovolt’s shift to electric bicycles has transformed the lives of over 1000 riders, covering 6 million km nationwide, resulting in substantial income growth and improved living standards.

Motovolt’s timely initiative aligns with the rising trend of quick-commerce and the growing need for sustainable last-mile delivery solutions. The company is dedicated to supporting delivery partners by addressing physical fatigue and health issues linked to traditional cycling. Additionally, Motovolt plays a crucial role in advancing sustainability goals set by major delivery aggregator platforms like Zomato, striving for zero-emissions in delivery operations by 2030. Through direct engagement with delivery partners, Motovolt actively contributes to achieving this ambitious objective.

The ‘HUM’ e-bicycle, designed with the diverse needs of delivery riders in mind, boasts innovative features including secure package mounts, adjustable seats, and puncture-resistant tires, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted delivery experience. With a ride capacity of up to 105 kilometres on a single charge, the ‘HUM’ surpasses the capabilities of traditional pedal bicycles, enhancing both earning potential and ride experience for users.

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