Mpower’s new initiative MPOWER SURAKSHA: Transforming Mental Health Support for Mumbai Central Railway Protection Force Personnel

MPOWER SURAKSHA to provide mental health support to Mumbai Central RPF team

Mumbai, 20th October, 2023: In a proactive effort to address mounting concerns over the mental well-being and stress levels among Indian security forces, the Railway Protection Force, Mumbai Central Division, and Mpower—an initiative by Aditya Birla Education Trust led by Dr Neerja Birla— have committed to provide mental health support to around 1,500 security personnel stationed at Mumbai Central Division of the Railway Protection Force. This collaborative initiative, aptly named ‘MPOWER SURAKSHA,’ signifies a significant step taken by the Mumbai Central Division of the Railway Protection Force leadership team to positively support its personnel.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this initiative took place in the presence of key dignitaries, including Shri S. K. Albela, Principal Chief Personnel Officer, Western Railway, Shri P. C. Sinha, IG-cum-Principal Chief Security Commissioner/RPF, Western Railway, Shri SKS Rathore, Sr. Divisional Security Commissioner/RPF, Mumbai Central, and the team comprising Ms. Parveen Shaikh, Vice President of Operations at Mpower, and Dr. Ambrish Dharmadhikari, AVP – Clinical Operations and Rural Initiatives at Mpower.

As part of this collaboration, ‘MPOWER SURAKSHA’ will provide unwavering support to 1,500 Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel at Mumbai Central Division of the Railway Protection Force. This initiative goes beyond professional counselling, encompassing raising awareness, offering outbound call assistance, supporting with dedicated 24×7 mental health toll-free helpline. Furthermore, comprehensive screening processes will ensure tailored and steadfast mental health support, even in high-stress situations.”

Speaking on the collaboration, Shri P. C. Sinha, IG-cum- Principal Chief Security Commissioner/ RPF, Western Railway, stated, “The launch of MPOWER SURAKSHA initiative will help in identifying jawans having psychological issues. Our jawans deal with stressful situations every day. This step will help in making them aware and assisting them in dealing with their challenges by experts”.

Echoing his thoughts Shri S K.Albela, Principal Chief Personnel Officer, Western Railway, expressed his support for this crucial initiative, stating, “The dedicated men and women who serve in the Railway Protection Force shoulder the immense responsibility of safeguarding the security and operational integrity of our railway networks. Their physical and emotional well-being stands as a cornerstone of our commitment to their service. Through this partnership with Mpower, we are taking a substantial and pivotal step in our collective duty to provide them with the comprehensive and steadfast mental health support they rightfully deserve.”

Parveen Shaikh, Vice President – Operations at Mpower, emphasized the organization’s commitment to mental health and its importance within the law enforcement community, saying, “Mpower is steadfastly committed to eradicating the stigma that surrounds mental health issues, while also championing the provision of accessible and inclusive mental health services to cater to the needs of those who are most in need. We take great pride in joining hands with the Mumbai Central Division of the Railway Protection Force, with the shared mission of significantly improving the mental well-being of their dedicated personnel.”

Dr. Ambrish Dharmadhikari, AVP – Clinical Operations and Rural Initiatives at Mpower, said: “Our program is thoughtfully tailored to provide a spectrum of services, catering to the diverse needs of Railway Protection Force personnel. From our around-the-clock helpline offering immediate support to comprehensive professional counselling for more profound assistance, we are dedicated to assisting these dedicated officers in effectively navigating and addressing the distinctive challenges they encounter in the line of duty.”

The launch of “MPOWER SURAKSHA” represents a significant step forward in addressing the mental health needs of the Railway Protection Force, ensuring that they have the necessary support and resources to cope with the demanding situations they encounter daily.

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