MurliManohar Joshi

Committed towards India’s development

MurliManohar Joshi is an Indian politician and a Member of Parliament from the LokSabha constituency of Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh. He is one of the senior leaders of the BharatiyaJanata Party (BJP). A retired professor with many distinctiveliterary and scientificachievements, Joshi’s active political career spans more than five decades. He has been associated with various political and social causes since the days of Satyagraha and has been jailed several times during his lifetime while protesting for such causes. Joshi is a firm believer in concepts such as sustainable consumption; the spiritual superiority of Indian culture; a modern, strong India with nuclear capability; and also a debt-free India. In January 2017, Joshi was awarded the Padma Vibhushan, one of the highest civilian Awards of the country for exceptional and distinguished service.

Early Life and Education                                                                                

MurliManohar Joshi was born in Delhi on January 5, 1934 to Late Shri Man Mohan Joshi and Late Smt. Chandrawati Joshi. His education qualifications include M.Sc. (Physics) and D. Phil. He completed his education from Allahabad University in Uttar Pradesh. He married Tarla Joshi on December 13, 1966.

Political Career                   

Since an early age, MurliManohar Joshi showed an inclination towards politics and social services. From 1954 to 1977, he had held various positions in ABVP and Bharatiya Jan Sangh. He was influenced by the ideology of great leaders such as Veer Savarkar, Golwalkar and DeendayalUpadhyaya.

  • 1977: Elected to 6th LokSabha
  • 1980: Founder General Secretary, B.J.P.
  • 1991-93: President, B.J.P.
  • 1992-96: Elected to RajyaSabha
  • 1996: Re-elected to 11th LokSabha (2nd term)
  • 1998: Re-elected to 12th LokSabha (3rd term)
  • 1999: Re-elected to 13th LokSabha (4th term)
  • July 2004 – 15 May, 2009: Re-elected to RajyaSabha (2nd term RajyaSabha)
  • 16 May, 2009: Re-elected to 15th LokSabha (5th term)
  • May, 2014: Re-elected to 16th LokSabha (6th term)

Awards & Recognition

MurliManohar Joshi has been facilitated with a wide variety of awards and recognition:

  • Padma Vibhushan – 2017
  • Best Parliamentarian Award (LokSabha) – 2009
  • Life Time Award by the Indian Science Congress – 2004
  • Friendship Medal by the President of Mongolia – 2002
  • National Citizens Award India – 2001
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Award by the Indian Science Conference – 1999

Personal Pursuits

MurliManohar Joshi is an avid writer and his published works include Vikalp (The alternative) and PragyaPravah (The Continuing Wisdom) both in Hindi; Science Sustainability; and Indian National Resurgence. He has also written more than 120 research papers, which have been published in various scientific journals. He has participated in various international conferences and delivered several lectures at various global organizations, universities, and UNO.

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