Neolacta Life Sciences Achieves Significant Milestone, Helps 1 Lakh+ Preterm Infants in India

Hyderabad, January 30 2024: Neolacta Lifesciences, a pioneering company dedicated to improving the health and lives of preterm infants has announced a remarkable achievement in positively impacting the lives of over one lakh preterm infants across India through their portfolio of exclusive human milk products. Preterm birth, a major public health concern, is particularly prevalent in India, where an estimated 3 million preterm babies are born each year, comprising over one-fifth of all global births.

To commemorate this historic milestone, the company has embarked on a nation-wide initiative called “LAKH-shya” to honor the invaluable contributions of the healthcare professionals (HCPs), donor moms and parents of preterm babies. This initiative recognizes and celebrates their unwavering commitment to adopting an Exclusive Human Milk Diet (EHMD), marking a significant milestone in their journey toward enhanced newborn nutrition.

Speaking on achieving this milestone, Sunil Sreekakula, Country GM of NeoLacta Lifesciences said, “We are delighted with our initial achievement, recognizing that our impact extends beyond our products. We believe that we have played a vital role in generating awareness about human milk benefits for preterm infants. The proliferation of human milk banks in India is evidence of the collective effort of all stakeholders in prioritizing the nutritional needs of preterm infants. Buoyed by our success, we are committed to marching ahead setting an ambitious goal to impact 1 million babies by 2030. Our journey continues as we strive to make a lasting and positive difference in the lives of these little ones, ensuring a healthier start for the next generation.”

Expressing gratitude to all stakeholders, he further added, “As we celebrate this significant milestone, Neolacta Lifesciences extends sincere appreciation to our healthcare professionals, partners, and families for their trust and collaboration. We look forward to expanding our impact, reaching more preterm infants, and contributing to the strengthening of the standards in neonatal care across the country.”

Acknowledging the challenges faced by mothers of preterm infants in producing 100% sufficient breast milk, Neolacta Lifesciences has pioneered a revolutionary line of human milk-based products. As the first company in Asia to comprehensively address the nutritional requirements of preterm infants, Neolacta has played a pivotal role in supporting families during this challenging period.

The company’s steadfast commitment to research and development continues to propel innovations in neonatal nutrition, providing hope for the future of premature infant care. Neolacta remains dedicated to saving the lives of vulnerable preterm infants and supporting their families during the critical early stages of life.

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