NephroPlus Employees geared up for World Kidney Day with a Motorcycle Rally

Hyderabad, March 15, 2024: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis network, took a proactive approach to kidney health awareness. The employees at the Hyderabad office organised a motorcycle rally across the city; on the occasion of World Kidney Day to promote kidney health and raise awareness about the importance of preventive care.

The motorcycle rally saw enthusiastic employees riding swiftly through the bustling streets of Hyderabad from the NephroPlus office in Banjara Hills to Yousuf Guda and Jubilee Hills.

By harnessing the power of community engagement and advocacy, and spreading the message of the importance of kidney health, Mr. Kamal D Shah, Co-Founder of NephroPlus said, “World Kidney Day serves as a significant reminder that highlights the importance of kidney health and the need for proactive measures to prevent kidney diseases. Through initiatives like the motorcycle rally, we aim to raise awareness and inspire individuals to take charge of their kidney health and lead fulfilling lives.”

Kamal’s vision and commitment to promoting kidney health proved essential in propelling NephroPlus’ efforts to increase awareness and enable access to quality kidney treatment throughout India. As a result, NephroPlus remains committed to advocating for kidney health and cultivating an awareness and preventive culture. The bike rally is only one of NephroPlus’ many initiatives to promote kidney health highlighting the importance of early detection and intervention in preventing kidney disease.

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