Netizens would be thrilled to hear that for the first time in the Travel Industry, you can now bargain for a trip

Be it the 50-year-old uncle going out to buy veggies from the sabzi wale bhaiya or the 20-year-olds shopping for Y2K outfits in Sarojini, one thing that every Indian has in common is that we love to bargain.

The sheer joy of getting things we desire at the price that we want is the one pleasure that unites us all. Second only to a cricket match between Ind vs Pak.

But imagine if saving 10 bucks after arguing for an hour with the auto wala only to get late to work, again, brings us such satisfaction, then how thrilling it’d be if we could do the same with travel.

Thanks to the #DropItYourself campaign by JustWravel, the idea that would make the world too perfect for travelers, is now a reality.

Being the first ever campaign of its kind in the travel community, DIY is a unique concept that allows users to choose their own price for a trip.

Blending both the knack for savings and a flair for a bargain that is every common man’s expertise in India, the campaign is part of their annual Sale of The Season aka S.O.S where Travelers can book any trip from the 50+ destinations they get to choose from, at the lowest booking price.

The best part about the #DIY concept is that any user can come to the website and book a Backpacking trip, Himalayan Trek, or a weekend getaway at the price that they want.

The campaign’s tagline “Stop asking us to drop the price, drop it yourself” is a witty response to the many travelers who keep asking for discounts when planning a trip.

Eliminating the chance of going through the hassle of constant bargaining with a sales representative, the user can simply visit the website and select the price by scrolling the numbers on the dialer provided in the booking section.

What makes #DIY stand out as a campaign is how it uses an everyday habit of an Indian buyer and makes it ten times more satisfying. Plus, they don’t have to deal with stubborn hawkers who’d take up most of their time.

JustWravel is a travel community of more than 50,000+ travelers that organizes fixed departure group tours, treks, and an all-girls-trip across India as well as customized International Trips. With a StartUp India recognition and more than 3000+ positive reviews across all platforms, it is one of the most trustworthy Tours operating organizations in India.

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