*Nikita Rawal Releases New Love Song “Shy Shy Dil”*

Nikita Rawal, the renowned Indian actress, and model has released a new love song titled “Shy Shy Dil” which is directed by Shonoy Roy. The music video features Nikita Rawal and has already garnered significant attention for its beautiful portrayal of love and romance. The beautiful song sung by Jyotsana.

“Shy Shy Dil” is a soulful and melodious love song that perfectly captures the essence of falling in love. The song is composed by Yash Wadali. The event has witnessed very energetic performance by Nikita Rawal on Shy Shy Dil.

Speaking about the release of “Shy Shy Dil,” Nikita Rawal said, “I am extremely excited to share my new love song with my fans. It was a wonderful experience working with the Shy Shy Dil team. We all put in a lot of effort to ensure that the music video turned out to be exactly how we had envisioned it. I hope that our viewers enjoy watching ‘Shy Shy Dil’ as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

The music video for “Shy Shy Dil” is a beautiful representation of love and features stunning visuals that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Nikita Rawal has launched her Production house and Music Level.

“Shy Shy Dil” is a beautiful addition to the Indian music industry and is sure to capture the hearts of audiences across the country. The music video is now available to watch on various digital platforms, and fans of Nikita Rawal can enjoy her melodious voice and mesmerizing performance in this beautiful love song.

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