NMIT Students Develop AI & ML-Powered Swarm Drone Tech to address Bengaluru’s traffic woes

Student-led project will help tackle traffic congestion, improves monitoring with real-time data and partners with Bengaluru Traffic Police

Bengaluru, 25TH June, 2024: In a groundbreaking development aimed at improving Bengaluru’s traffic management system, a group of 40 students from Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology (NMIT) has created an innovative swarm drone technology that promises to decongest the city roads and enhance road safety.

An outcome of NMIT’s collaboration with Dassault Systems Ltd and La Fondation Dassault Systèmes, this student-driven solution enables real-time traffic monitoring, accident reporting, and reduction in congestion.

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this robust coordination platform facilitates seamless drone collaboration. The students were guided by the research team of NMIT that included Dr. P. N. Tengli, Dr Srikanth, Prof. Balachandra A., Prof. Siddalingappa P. K., and Prof. Mallappa J, along with Research Associates Hérren Thomas D’Souza, Soubhonik Das, and Adithya Balachandra.

The technology was presented to Mr. M. N. Anucheth, Traffic Police Chief, Bengaluru City, at a handover function on the Nitte Campus in Yelahanka.

The function was graced by Mr. Praveen Mysore, Industry Consultant Senior Director, Dassault Systemes India Private Ltd, Bengaluru, Mr. Hemant Gadgil, Program Director, Dassault Systemes Fondation, Dr. Shivaramu, Director of Research, UAS, GKVK, Dr. H C Nagaraj, Principal, NMIT Bengaluru, Dr. P N Tengli, Former Scientist and Director – DRDO (Aero Systems), and Professor and Head (R & D), Aerospace and Defense, Mr. Rohit Punja, Administrator, Nitte Education Trust and Mr. K B Rao, Director, Corporate Relations, NMIT

Following the official handover, NMIT’s research associates conducted a captivating demonstration of swarm drones.

Appreciating the efforts of the students and the NMIT for executing the project successfully, Mr. Anucheth, who was the Chief Guest, said, “It’s very heartening to witness a close collaboration between leading research institutes like IIScs, IITs, and engineering institutes like NMIT with the industry leaders across the country. Organizations like Dassault. In the world of disruptive technologies, your ability to be creative, and find solutions is truly remarkable. How you make human efforts to lead technology will set you apart from your peers. Kudos to the efforts of NMIT led by Dr N Prahalad Tengli and we would like to run this in the airport corridor, and use it for ticketing, and speed violations.”

Speaking about the implications of the technology in traffic systems, he added, “This technology would be one of the input tools for the ASTRAM application. The drones have been programmed for real-time traffic monitoring, accident spotting and diverting traffic congestion, and traffic rule deviator identification, seamlessly communicated to the control room.”

Elaborating on the significance of the swarm technology, Dr. P N Tengli said, “With the advanced drone technology, we aim to provide cutting edge aerial solutions for societal needs, specialising in designing, manufacturing and deploying high-performance drones. So our drone technology is redefining the possibilities of aerial solutions with state-of-the-art roads by delivering innovative, reliable and versatile solutions.”

In December 2023, NMIT had signed an MOU with Bangalore Traffic Police for technological advancement of drones in solving traffic conundrums.

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