NMN: The elixir of youth and health!

Have you found yourself wondering about “How to feel younger?” “How to increase the performance of my workouts?” or “how to keep my body away from diseases?” There is a single answer to all of this. The NAD+, one of the most talked about biomolecules, has been vigorously researched due to its increasing popularity in international markets amongst the preventive care community, supplement enthusiasts, and even health experts.

What is NAD+?
NAD+ (sometimes called NADH or NAD) stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, a natural chemical found in every cell in the body. NAD+ is practically a multi-talented office boy in your cells that would do everything from generating energy, maintaining a good working condition, and repairing broken things. In your cells, NAD+ is known to participate in more than 500 different processes that are of utmost importance for healthy survival. If your DNA breaks, NAD+ helps repair it. If your immune system is down, NAD+ can help it power up. Is your energy down? No problem! NAD+ is there for you. In fact, most of the repair work our cell does to make sure we keep well and alive has NAD+ involved in it.

How does NAD+ work to help fight ageing?
If we have high levels of NAD+, it means we have lots of cellular energy – our cells function optimally and we feel more energetic and alert. But as you age, there is a twist in the tale. There is just too much damage and not enough NAD+ to repair it. A downward spiral of NAD+ including wrinkles, memory loss, heart problems, dementia, Parkinson’s, vision loss, and more follows, all of which is generally clubbed into ‘age related diseases. This is why NAD+ decline is seen as one of the nine main hallmarks of ageing.

So, how do we increase the NAD+ levels? Answer: NMN, the wonder biomolecule that can restore the NAD+ levels in your cells.

People who regularly consume NMN have often reported benefits like:

Getting back your natural ‘youthful’ energy
Increasing Cardio output
Getting Caffeine like energy without coffee
Getting back to the natural sleeping cycle
Easily overcoming hangovers and jet-lags
Healthier and younger-looking skin
Avoiding brain fogs and energy slumps

There is scientifically proven evidence that highlights a lot of benefits from increasing NAD+ levels through NMN including helping with obesity, aerobic endurance, better and quick recovery from certain health conditions, cellular energy functions, and even reducing UV-related and pollution-related damage to the skin and cells. Science is even using the power of NAD+ boosters like NMN in solving complicated health conditions that come with menopause and a lot of positive feedback has been reported from various women using NMN during their menopausal time as well. NMN has also been found effective in helping with inflammation, immunity, metabolism, and DNA repair, making its case even stronger.

NMN and its role in increasing NAD+ levels are now coming across as one of the most path-breaking revelations in the science of healthy ageing, and it has often been quoted as ‘the golden molecule’, ‘a miracle enzyme’, or now ‘The wonder biomolecule’. It is the youngest member of the healthy ageing candidate supplements, and it is promising the dual role of making you ‘feel and look’ younger. NMN is rapidly overtaking the most talked about supplements in ageing in multiple international markets, and it is now entering Indian markets with loads of scientific backup on its side. It is going to be exciting times ahead for people looking for youthful vitality and vigour.

(Mr. Darshit Patel, Chief Scientific Officer, Decode Age)

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