Novo Nordisk GBS Unveils Innovative Employee Programs to Boost Well-being and Reduce Attrition

Bangalore, India, 08th April 2024 – Novo Nordisk Global Business Services (GBS) is revolutionizing employee wellness with the launch of two unique initiatives – The Flamingo Program and the WECare Flexible Benefits Program. These programs prioritize employee well-being at every stage of life, fostering a supportive and holistic work environment.

The Flamingo Programs includes extended maternity leave options, customized transportation, mentorship through the Amigo program, and a well-equipped mother’s room for continued breastfeeding. Similarly, the WECare program empowers employees to curate their well-being journey. Employees receive an annual INR 50,000 to choose from a wide range of benefits, including fitness memberships, work-from-home essentials, daycare, and medical equipment.

“At Novo Nordisk GBS, we prioritize employee well-being throughout their careers. We believe in fostering a supportive environment that empowers people to thrive, both personally and professionally. This includes prioritizing physical, mental, and emotional health. We continuously strive to create a safe and growth-oriented workplace that fuels a happy, healthy, and productive workforce. The Flamingo Program specifically addresses the unique needs of new mothers, a crucial life stage. We’re committed to supporting them in every way we can to ensure a smooth transition back to work”, said John Dawber, Corporate Vice President & MD, Global Business Services, Novo Nordisk.

This WECare program boasts a staggering 90% employee participation, contributing to a significant reduction in attrition rates. The company has seen a more than 50% drop, with rates going from 17-18% to below 8%.

Novo Nordisk GBS’s commitment to employee well-being sets a high bar for the pharmaceutical industry. These innovative programs demonstrate the company’s dedication to creating a thriving workplace culture that enriches the lives of its employees.

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