Ola Electric pushes for mass electrification, reduces prices of its S1 Portfolio by up to INR 25,000 to #EndICEAge

Passes on the benefits of robust cost structures, vertically integrated in-house technology and manufacturing capabilities, along with Production Linked Incentive (PLI) to its customers
S1 Pro, S1 Air, and S1 X+ now available at INR 129,999, INR 104,999, and INR 84,999 respectively

Bengaluru, February 16, 2024: In its biggest push yet to accelerate India’s electrification efforts and breaking all barriers to EV adoption, Ola Electric, India’s largest electric vehicle company, has reduced the prices across its S1 scooter portfolio by up to INR 25,000. The company has announced this move on the back of a robust cost structure coupled with strong vertically integrated in-house technology and manufacturing capabilities, and eligibility to manufacturing incentives.

With a robust, aggressively priced product portfolio, the Ola S1 scooters outperforms any traditional ICE vehicles, making it the superior choice in the scooter market with savings of upto INR 30,000/year. These prices are valid only for the month of February.

W.E.F 16th Feb, 2024, the revised pricing of the S1 portfolio is as follows:


Current Price

New Price

S1 Pro

INR 1,47,499

INR 1,29,999

S1 Air

INR 119,999

INR 104,999

S1 X (4kWh)

INR 109,999

INR 109,999

S1 X+ (3kWh)

INR 109,999

INR 84,999

S1 X (3kWh)

INR 89,999

INR 89,999

S1 X (2kWh)

INR 79,999

INR 79,999

Ola spokesperson, Ola Electric said, “At Ola, we are committed to #EndICEAge by breaking all barriers to EV adoption and making EVs more affordable and accessible. Aligned with our mission to push EV adoption across the country, we are introducing unprecedented prices across our S1 portfolio. On the back of a strong vertically integrated in-house technology and manufacturing capabilities, we have been able to restructure costs and decided to pass on the benefits to customers. Priced equivalently to leading ICE scooters, we are confident that customers will now have no reason to buy an ICE scooter.”

Recently, Ola Electric was awarded as the first Indian 2W company to receive Domestic Value Addition (DVA) certificate under Production Linked Incentive (PLI) Scheme for automobile and auto component industry. The PLI certification is a testament to companies’ vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, robust localised supply chain ecosystem and govt. subsidies have helped the company restructure costs and hence reduce prices of scooters across S1 portfolio making them more affordable and accessible.

Ola Electric has recently announced a series of initiatives spanning across products, service, charging network and battery warranty in an effort to break all barriers in the adoption of EVs. With the launch of S1 X (4kWh), Ola Electric expanded its portfolio to six best-in-class products, ranging across different price points and catering to customers with different range requirements.

The company also launched the industry’s first 8 year/80,000 km extended battery warranty for the entire range of products at no extra cost, a move that addresses the biggest barrier for EV adoption by extending the lifespan of the vehicles by 2X of ICE vehicles. Additionally, Ola Electric also unveiled the plans to expand its service network by 50% from the current 414 service centres to ~600 centres across the country by April 2024.

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