ONDC Network celebrates women entrepreneurs with many success stories of women-led brands on the Open Network

New Delhi, 07 March 2024: The Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has emerged as a catalyst for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship in India. Through its inclusive and supportive approach, ONDC Network is fostering the growth of women-led businesses, artisanal initiatives, and social enterprises across the country. Following are some highlights of the success stories of remarkable women entrepreneurs who have found success on the Network.

Vibhha Mishra, Founder, SHWET

SHWET is an artisan-based initiative seamlessly integrated into ONDC’s expansive Network. Representing over 1,000 artisans, Vibhha Mishra has leveraged the Open Network to optimize production, design, and connect with new artisans nationwide. With responsive technical support and personalized seller recognition, ONDC Network has facilitated a user-friendly ecosystem for Vibhha and her team, enabling them to focus on their craft while the Network handles other aspects of the business.

Mayura Balasubramanian, Founder & CEO, Craftizen

Craftizen, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting Indian handicrafts, has recently onboarded onto the ONDC Network. Mayura Balasubramanian, the founder, is positive that ONDC Network can be a game-changer in connecting discerning customers with artisans and innovative social enterprises. The founder firmly believes that the handicrafts sector isn’t a sunset sector as popularly quoted but faces a decline due to significant challenges because of a mismatch between supply and demand. Getting onto the extensive Network bridges this gap.

Anubhuti Jain Mishra, Founder & CEO, Anubhuti, An Experience

Anubhuti, a homegrown brand, achieved almost four times its usual sales in the first four months after onboarding onto the ONDC Network in December 2022, without paid ads or promotions. The Network’s inclusive approach, facilitated by SIDBI, has been instrumental in supporting female entrepreneurs like Anubhuti. In her own words, joining the ONDC Network was way more easier and transparent than any other ecommerce platform. With increased visibility, customer trust, transparent communication, and lower commissions, ONDC Network has positively impacted Anubhuti’s business and brand visibility.

Slony Gambhir, Founder, Very Much Indian

Very Much Indian, is a brand focused on promoting authentic handmade products and supporting rural weavers. It has also appeared on Shark Tank and mostly operates with female teams. ONDC Network prioritized constant support resulting in smooth onboarding and operational experience. The Network assistance with cataloging, uploading products, and promoting the brand’s reach on social media platforms has contributed to Very Much Indian’s overall growth.

ONDC Network’s commitment to empowering women entrepreneurs and artisans is evident in the success stories of these remarkable women. By providing a supportive environment, constant guidance, and an Open Network that fosters trust and visibility, ONDC Network is paving the way for more women to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and contribute to the preservation and promotion of India’s rich cultural heritage.

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