Online Betting Apps: A ‘fun’tastic and legal way to indulge in Betting Games in India

The Internet is a boon to us all in many ways, and for people who enjoy the thrill of betting, online betting apps are the best way out. With these betting sites such as Lotus 365 Indians can easily play their favorite casino games and bet on sports like cricket. And that’s all thanks to the internet!

But one sometimes does come across a dilemma and wonders, if Online Betting is Legal in India since, gambling, in general, is not legal here.

And the good news is that YES, Online Betting is legal in India. Online betting sites like Lotus are very much legal for users, which is one of the best Betting apps in the country that provide players with multiple options and has an amazing live betting experience.

Are Betting apps banned in India?

No, there has been no ban on any betting app in the country, yet. People can continue to enjoy playing and betting across the different games on apps like Lotus 365.

The government of India, in June 2022 only banned advertisements of online betting platforms on digital, print, and electronic media. In its advisory, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has asked multimedia companies to not advertise internet gambling due to public interest.

Betting apps legal in India

There is no law that claims Online Gambling and playing to be illegal, so there is no stopping you from betting and winning all the games. As clearly stated online betting is not mentioned in Indian betting laws and therefore is not formally prohibited.

Essentially gaming is regulated in India based on the Public Gaming Act of 1867. But this act is only concerned and states the punishment for public gambling and different operations in common gaming houses.

This is the only law that concerns gaming and does not have any mention of Online Gambling in any way.

Moreover, the government is also currently setting up processes to regulate the online gaming industry, which clearly implies that under no circumstances Online Betting is or will be banned in the country.

One of the best Legal Betting App in India

One of the key aspects to consider before joining a gaming app is to ensure that it is based offshore. Lotus 365 World’s Largest Gaming Exchange is a betting site that is based in Curacao, the Netherlands where gambling is completely legal. Since Lotus 365 is an offshore legal entity, it is completely safe to use the betting site in India!

The other holy grail is to check the features and the games offered by the betting sites. Lotus 365 for instance has a range of sports available, along with the most premium live Casino, and offers many player-friendly features such as Ultra Fast Self Deposit & Withdrawal.

Now with the illegality of Online Betting apps out of the question, go ahead and play and win all you want!



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