Orbex – Company Profile

Founded in 2015, Orbex is one of the leading private space launch services companies in Europe. Orbex is headquartered in Forres, United Kingdom and has an office in Copenhagen, Denmark as well. The company caters to the needs of the small satellite industry. One of the key achievements is the development of a high-performance micro-launch vehicle. It has low carbon emissions and is one of the most advanced in the world.

Orbex primary offerings include a customizable core launch service and a diverse range of supporting services. Customers benefit from customizable mission profile types, higher reliability and an easily accessible launch service. Orbex is supported by multiple EU governments and has received both public and private funding. The company works with various technology and business partners to ensure the best outcomes.

Orbex – History

Orbex was originally started as Moonspike Ltd. in 2015. The company was established with the mission to send a spacecraft to the moon. However, the crowdfunding campaign failed to generate the funds needed for the mission. In 2016, the company was renamed to Orbital Express Launch Ltd. The focus now shifted to providing launch services for nano and micro satellites. Since then, Orbex has emerged as a leading player in the private launch services segment.

Over the years, Orbex has achieved numerous milestones. It includes the selection as a preferred ESA micro launcher project, creating the world’s largest 3D printed rocket engine and development of Orbex Prime rocket.

Orbex – Funding

Orbex has received funding worth $134.5 million. Some of the key investors include Scottish National Investment Bank, Heartcore, Octopus Ventures, BGF, High-Tech Gründerfonds, Verve Ventures, Danish Green Future Fund and Jacobs. Funding has also come from the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space Agency (UKSA).

Orbex – Competitors

Orbex competes with various other space launch companies. Competitors include Rocket Factory Augsburg, PLD Space, Skyrora, Isar Aerospace, ABL Space Systems, Firefly Aerospace, Virgin Orbit, Relativity Space, SpaceX and Rocket Lab.

Orbex – Acquisitions

Orbex has not made any acquisitions in recent years.

Orbex – About the Founders

Orbex was founded by Christopher Larmour and Kristian von Bengtson. Chris Larmour served as the CEO of Orbex from 2016 to 2023. He made significant contributions to the company, helping secure funding worth more than $100 million. Under his leadership, the company increased the headcount from 2 to 140 people. Chris was instrumental in opening new rocket production facilities, rocket engine test sites and large carbon fiber production facilities. Prior to Orbex, Chris had worked with various high-tech startups.

Co-founder Kristian von Bengtson currently works as the Chief Development Officer at Orbex. Prior to Orbex, Kristian had worked with Copenhagen Suborbitals, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) and NASA. Kristian has an M.Sc. in Space Studies from the International Space University.

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