Organic curd can make you feel happier, says new research

Happiness is difficult to find in today’s modern world, where hectic lifestyles and stressful jobs are the order of the day. People spend thousands of Rupees in therapy, medication and other avenues, just to feel happy for some time, before its back to their normal stressful routines. However, if new research studies are to be believed, there’s good news because the route to happiness may just be lying in your refrigerator. A new study conducted at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) has revealed that organic curd or fresh tasty dahi can make you feel happier.

For several years, researchers have been trying to find out how fermented foods such as organic curd or fresh tasty dahi impact the gut flora, which in turn signals the brain, affecting the individual’s mood. The study undertaken at UCLA is one of the many research studies that have tried to establish a link between food that we eat and its impact on our mood. The conventional scientific approach was limited to the fact that the brain sends signals to the gut and controls it. While this may be true, the complete picture would be that signals also travel from the gut to the brain, to eventually impact an individual’s mood. With the findings of new research studies like the ones conducted at UCLA, old sayings like ‘gut feelings’ seem to have acquired more scientific meaning, as opposed to being just anecdotal musings.

The possibility of deriving happiness from organic curd or fresh tasty dahi is likely to be true because of the various health benefits, as has been revealed by the new research studies. While most of us know that organic curd or fresh tasty dahi is loaded with a wide variety of nutrients, research studies have gone beyond the ordinary to reveal that curd helps derive energy from the fermentation of undigested carbohydrates, boost the growth of intestinal epithelial cells for improved synthesis of vitamins and prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms. With such a long list of benefits, it is quite likely that organic curd or fresh tasty dahi helps ensure a healthy gut, which eventually sends the right signals to the brain, making us feel happy.

These new studies are significant because not many people in the world are happy today. Organic curd or fresh tasty dahi can provide quick access to happiness, as it is easily available and is affordable. So, before you start your day, we suggest you load up on this happiness potion of organic curd or fresh tasty dahi, which may already be there in your refrigerator.

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