OUS Royal Academy Secures Approval from Government of Dubai for Vocational Programs

In a major development, the Dubai Government granted a new approval to OUS Royal Academy in Switzerland for its vocational programs.

The approval reaches almost 300 vocational and training diplomas from the institution. The approval is given through the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA), the educational regulator for the emirate of Dubai.

This approval of KHDA is really a great acknowledgment for students from the Arab region. On a global scale, this approval will work as proof. This will give satisfaction to the students that the diploma degree, which they would receive from OUS Royal Academy which is part of ISBM Switzerland, is approved and permitted by the countries of the Gulf Arab States Cooperation Council.

This is another testimony of the commitment of OUS Royal Academy in the provision of quality vocational education with an international standard. This very latest approval by the Dubai Government through KHDA truly exemplifies the commitment to excellence and its endeavors towards conforming to all regulatory demands.

KHDA has now approved a wide range of opportunities for all those students who were looking for vocational training and diplomas in different fields. Other than these, the vocational programs of the OUS Royal Academy cover those areas that are related to business, technology, health care, and hospitality, among many other areas that serve the diversified needs and tastes of the students.

Such endorsement from KHDA is meant to give confidence to students that their vocational diplomas obtained from OUS Royal Academy are credible and approved within the Gulf region. The approval should also help an image of OUS Royal Academy being a approved provider of local and international vocational education.

OUS Royal Academy consistently remains committed to ensuring that the students of the world are able to learn through flexible learning opportunities. All vocational programs offered by KHDA have been approved, in view of empowering the learners with relevant skill and knowledge to succeed in the chosen field.

Commenting on the approval, Founder at OUS Royal Academy said, “The institute is very happy for the approval and permit by the Government of Dubai and KHDA.” He said that the institute would focus on ensuring quality vocational and training and that the students receive satisfactory education. Approved by KHDA has become clear evidence of the continuous commitments of OUS Royal Academy in the field of vocational education excellence, with the aim of developing professionals for the job market.

As the institution develops and continues to make its reach far and wide in terms of offering and reach, this commitment stands firm: ensuring academic excellence at all costs and preparedness in serving the students well for their career life. This is a landmark approval for the institution: an approval from the Government of Dubai through KHDA for the vocational programs of OUS Royal Academy. Thereby, this will be making the quality of education not only at OUS Royal Academy but will extend the opportunity to the willing students who wish to avail themselves of vocational training in the Gulf region. This approval epitomizes the commitment of OUS Royal Academy to offer accessible, high-quality, and properly-served education that meets the preparedness of today’s workforce.



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