Out of Video Content Ideas? Here’s Some Creative Inspiration

Compelling video content is a powerful tool for brand awareness, engagement, and acquisition. Brands can find effective uses for video at every stage of the customer journey, but, like any other content format, it’s possible to run out of good content ideas. You may feel like you’ve hit a creative wall, and you simply can’t think of anything creative to share with your audience.

This is a common experience, but it’s also a temporary one if you handle it well. Sometimes, the best cure is a bit of outside inspiration. If you’re out of video content ideas, take a look at these creative suggestions.

Highlight a Product Feature

You’ve likely produced a product demo video before. Now, consider zooming in and taking a closer look at one of its most compelling features. This is a great way to show off unique selling points to drive audience members to make a purchase decision. You can also use product feature videos to educate viewers about functions they may have missed.

Product feature videos shouldn’t be very long. Aim for 10 to 15 seconds, and keep the focus on a single element that will add value for your audience.

Stakeholder Interview

People love a behind-the-scenes look. It gives them a sense of exclusivity and a firsthand look at the dedication that goes into serving them. One of the best ways to share information about your company and give your audience an insider look is with a stakeholder interview.

Find an employee who plays a key role in your company, and sit them down for a Q&A. For example, you might have the CEO share the company’s values and why they are so important. An HR manager can talk about what they look for in team members to ensure the company provides the best customer experience.

How-To Videos for Power Users

You may have produced instructional videos to help your customers use your products correctly and avoid potential issues. But have you provided video content for your advanced users?

These are the users who dive deep into your products, read the manuals cover to cover, and want to take advantage of the complicated features you’ve added. They may even be interested in learning what they can do to customize your product.

If you’ve created a “101” series of product videos for your customers, maybe it’s time to reach out to your power users with content they can use as well. These advanced videos are also an excellent sales tool for mid- and bottom-funnel customers who may be converted after learning about some of a product’s advanced capabilities.

Industry Expert Insights

Thought leadership videos from your own team are powerful. They showcase the expertise within your organization and provide clarity about where your company stands on industry issues. The obvious drawback is that these videos lack objectivity, but you can boost authority and increase credibility with a video that features an industry expert from outside of your organization.

The expert you choose should have great credentials. Ask them to share predictions or insights on a relevant topic. Remember, you shouldn’t be asking for an endorsement, but the video should address a problem or challenge that your company can solve.

Myth Busting

Many industries are plagued by at least one pervasive myth that impacts customer perceptions. There may even be myths surrounding your company specifically. A myth-busting video is a fun yet informative way of addressing these and getting down to the truth.

Remain positive in these videos. You don’t want to appear defensive or hostile. Try to segue from busting the myth into a helpful user tip or highlighting a helpful service you offer.

Product Comparison Videos

How does your product line up with the competition? You can answer that question for your prospects with a product comparison video. These videos take two products and offer a feature-by-feature look at the similarities and differences between them.

Of course, you want your product to come out on top. However, you should avoid negativity or making digs at your competitors. Remember: your audience wants information to help them make a decision, not an ad disguised as a comparison video.

You can also avoid discussing your competitors entirely. Do you offer multiple products or service tiers? Make a comparison video showcasing the differences between these, and give your customers insights they need to make a choice they’ll be happy with.

When in Doubt, the Best Video Content Aligns with Customer Needs

These tips are a great place to get started, but they all have one common theme in mind: they serve your customers. So if you’re interested in even more content ideas, just look to your customers. What are their questions and concerns? Those are the topics your videos should address.

As long as you keep your customers in mind, you’ll come out on top with your video content.

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