Owning your femininity in a corporate setup

Valerie Steele rightly said, “Power dressing is a combat gear for a trip to the top.”

There are various ways to dress to display strength and authority. That authority can be a double-breasted blazer with a pair of stilettos or a cotton saree with kitten heels. Power dressing reflects your confidence and allows you to express the position you have through the clothes that you wear. With the reopening of workplaces, women are all geared up to dress for success. Only this time the considerations are different. It is no longer about hiding yourself but about showcasing comfort and confidence.

This International Women’s Day content creators have got you covered with tips on how to power dress for your next work meeting:

Be Well Groomed

The most important aspect of power dressing is to look sharp and sleek. This includes avoiding unkempt style and making sure that your clothes, accessories, hair, makeup and even your nails are done. All of these elements contribute to your overall power dressing look.

Pretty Sush, a Moj content creator, emphasizes the importance of being presentable wherever one goes, and that dressing is about more than just the outfit. The attention to detail plays a pivotal role and the fit of the outfit is extremely important if you wish to top the sartorial game like a pro. Power dressing, in my opinion, is about elegance, confidence, and comfort, but it should also reflect your personal style.

Keep it neutral

Keeping things basic and neutral can never go wrong. Neutral colours are not only pleasing to the eye, but they also make you look timeless and reliable. Having neutral colours in your wardrobe goes well together and is simple to pair with.

Lipika Biswas, fashion creator on Moj suggests wearing a black skirt or pant-suit with neutral colours such as dark grey, navy, or brown for any meeting, business presentation, or job interview. The best thing about wearing skirts is that they can be teamed with absolutely anything ranging from a crisp white shirt to fine knits and blazers resulting in something gorgeous yet powerful. Make sure the footwear you choose also speaks ‘power’, so you can look at closed toe or peep-toe pumps, ballet flats, moccasins, court shoes and oxfords in black, brown and tan. A golden tip for power dressing: pair your look with classic accessories like pearls and a finely crafted bag.

Attention to detail

Even the most expensive suit will not look good if it does not fit properly. The most important aspect of power fashion is its tailored structuring. Even a simple outfit can look powerful if it fits well, therefore, it is of utmost importance that you choose clothes that fit well to the shape of your body and not otherwise.

Pranvi Bardolia, famous lifestyle creator on Moj, adds “A well-fitted blazer instantly can do wonders for power dressing. In my opinion, an aesthetically pleasing bag is considered to be a plus in the department of power dressing. More than the clothes, I believe that carrying the right attitude with the right set of clothes can help ladies stand tall and confident.”

Go Ethnic

Power dressing is not just about wearing stiff western formals, it also includes Indian ethnic clothes if you feel confident and comfortable in them. A well-ironed, neatly worn saree with a simple border or embroidery can also help deliver a power statement.

Sushmita, a content creator on Moj suggests that in 2022, power dressing does not have to be limited to well-fitted pants, blazers, and heels. A versatile sari lends ultimate power to the one who is wearing it. This look strongly embraces everything rooted deeply in your tradition and power dressing definitely lies in going back to your roots and flaunting it.”

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