Pahal NGO conducts an Artisanal Gulaal making workshop in Tihar Jail

Gurugram, 2022: Standing firm on the core values to bring positive change in society, Pahal collaborated with MG Motor India for an Artisanal Gulaal making workshop in Tihar Jail. An initiative focused on enhancing the skillset of the women inmates from Jail No. 6.

Backed by MG Motor India’s community initiatives, this fruitful partnership empowered women inmates to showcase their creativity and learning skills. The workshop witnessed participation from 60 women inmates from Tihar Jail, who produced 50 kgs of gulaal in 4 colours using natural ingredients and edible oil.

Further, from the collaboration, the colours produced were distributed to childcare institutions and child observation homes in New Delhi.

About Pahal initiatives

PAHAL is a National-level organization, working since 2003, after being registered as a SOCIETY under the Society’s Registration Act of 1860. The organization has worked in Delhi, Bihar, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan since then. PAHAL’s focused areas are, Education, Health, Skill Development and Women empowerment specially focusing upon implementation of child rights, specifically in the field of child protection (including its various components) such as, emphasizing on the rehabilitation of the affected section of Children in need of care and protection, rehabilitation of women Prisoners in Tihar.

PAHAL has also been contributing towards Women empowerment and working tirelessly towards maintaining the women’s rights along with their empowerment–socially, economically, and as well as politically. PAHAL has been sustaining this initiative with the cooperation and engagement with National and International Agencies and their related Government Departments .Also In Order to promote good Sanitation practices amongst Women prisoner in Tihar the Delhi Administration of PAHAL has come up with a Novel idea and an initiative which can help in improving personal hygiene of women, resulting the setup of Bio-degradable sanitary pad manufacturing unit in Tihar, Delhi.

The Organization intends to help underprivileged and deprived sections of the society for securing a respectable and dignified place in the mainstream society. We, at PAHAL, believe that there is a need to build a sustainable process for the said purpose and therefore, we have focused on capacity building of related Government and non-government organizations, Community Based Organizations (CBOs) etc.

PAHAL has been extending the reach of its poverty eradication efforts through strategic partnerships with other donors, governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and civil society organizations who keep working with the poor at grass roots level. PAHAL’s proactive and catalytic role also implies its support in facilitating the replication and scaling up of national, international and local initiatives, as well as influencing policy and practices in favor of the marginalized people.

Keeping in mind the growing pressure of livelihood in modern times, PAHAL has also ventured in the domain of skill development, along with various other capacity-building programmes, such as, training sessions, diploma and certificate courses, etc. so as to ensure an upgraded livelihood to all which will result in upliftment and betterment of people and society on various issues.

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